Synology® Disk Station Now Supports 2TB and More 1TB Hard Drives

Synology® Inc. today announced the compatibility of its Disk Station with six additional hard drives, including the newest Western Digital 2 TB hard drive, three 1 TB and two 500 GB hard drives from Western Digital and Seagate, making Synology Disk Station the ideal large capacity storage server for business and home users.

Taipei, Taiwan, April 01, 2009 --( "With the wider applications used and richer content stored, the Disk Station is playing a more important role in office and at home. As a result, there is a need to increase the compatibility list for large capacity hard drives to allow users to fully utilize the Disk Station," commented Edward Lin, marketing director of Synology. "We have been aggressive in conducting compatibility test on 1 TB, 1.5 TB, and 2 TB hard drives and we are now proud to have 11 large capacity hard drives in the compatibility list now. We will continue to test new hard drive models once they are launched to the market."

The hard drive models that passed stress and compatibility test in Synology laboratory are namely Western Digital WD20EADS, WD1001FALS, and WD5000AACS, and Seagate ST31000333AS, ST31000340NS, and ST3500320AS. All these models have been proven to be compatible with Synology Disk Station x09, x08, and x07 series with exceptions of DS109j, DS108j, and DS107e.

To view the complete supported hard drive models list, visit:

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Synology Inc., founded in April 2000 by a duo experienced in system designing and marketing, is a dedicated Network Attached Storage (NAS) products provider located in the Taipei city, Taiwan. With a staunch and united team organization, Synology creates and brings forth NAS servers of originality for the global market. Under the breezy yet conscientious team work, Synology embodies the spirit of vitality, creativity, specialty, and versatility, implanting a new breath into the staid NAS business. With our sustained and substantial investment in research and development, Synology is pursing the laurels of contemporary NAS industry on an international scale.

Synology NAS Servers are designed to fulfill its customers' need of security, performance, energy saving, and functionality on a broad range around the globe from prosumers to corporations. Moreover, to practice commitment made to its widespread customers and to provide every possible means of satisfactory services, Synology is using its best endeavors to the establishment a fully developed customer support and service team. Having a vision beyond the visible, Synology NAS Servers signify –Value.

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