Laid Off But Not Lying Down: Husband and Wife Team Turn Unemployment Into a Web Series Called "and Boris"

Burbank, CA, April 01, 2009 --( The first two in a series of 6 webisodes for the new series “and Boris” premieres at New episodes to follow each day throughout the week, as well as a series of how-to videos documenting how the series was shot for only a few hundred dollars. Created by husband and wife team David P. Kronmiller and Jennifer Emily Mc Lean and starring J. Anthony McCarthy as Boris.

When David and Jen found themselves both out of work at the same time, their minds were reeling with what to do next. They decided to go with their passions and film a webseries with no budget. How? This little Indie series that could is shot on a Canon SD600(a still digital camera in the video mode that was a Christmas gift two years ago) with four 2 gig memory cards and is lit using work lights from Home depot and lots of cheap extension cords. “I wanted to show as a filmmaker what you could do with little to nothing and with this tiny camera, the Cannon SD600, I wanted to prove to myself that it doesn't matter what camera you use - that it's the story and detail that matters. It's how you use the tools you have - not how shiny they are. And to be honest - I'm really amazed at the end result and I hope the audience is too. If anything just to see J. Anthony McCarthy's wonderful work as Boris.”, says creator David P. Kronmiller.

"and Boris" is about a former KGB agent who is recruited by the U.S. to find out what his nephew, a Russian mafia wannabe, is doing peddling a dangerous nerve agent. Now that's just the plot - the story centers on Boris' quest to find a way to be a hero again after having been a part of a well known duo back in his Soviet days - essentially it's thestory of what happens to the sidekick when the team breaks up. Can he survive on his own? Can he continue the quest? Or will he just be remembered as an "and"? It's all about that second chance.

"Do you know what is so dangerous about standing on the edge of the world?"
"I imagine trying to keep from falling off."
"Trying to keep from jumping!"

The premiere episodes of and Boris are available beginning March 30th 2009 and can be seen at

For more information about Creator David P. Kronmiller visit his directing website or his Citizen Journalism site at

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