Long Term Unemployed Still Have Hope "and Boris" Season 3

The first 2 episodes of “and Boris” Season 3 are now online at www.andboris.com. This no-budget action/adventure web series produced by an out of work couple guest stars: Todd Stashwick (The Riches, Heroes), Kavi Ladnier (Heroes, Karma Calling)), and T.J. Storm (Punisher:Warzone, Star... - April 08, 2010

Crisis is Opportunity: Unemployed Couple Create Second Season of Web Series "and Boris"

Unemployed Couple make season 2 of "and Boris," Now in HD. Starring J. Anthony McCarthy as Boris; Guest Staring Emy Coligado (Miss Saigon, Malcolm in the Middle) and Nick Spano (Even Stevens). Lots of fight scenes, tons of humor, and even a couple of musical numbers. They shot 74 pages in 14 days, with no crew, no real equipment outside the camera and work lights and it was all done for a price tag of about $600. - May 30, 2009

Laid Off But Not Lying Down: Husband and Wife Team Turn Unemployment Into a Web Series Called "and Boris"

The first two in a series of 6 webisodes for the new series “and Boris” premieres at www.andboris.com. New episodes to follow each day throughout the week, as well as a series of how-to videos documenting how the series was shot for only a few hundred dollars. Created by husband and... - April 01, 2009

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