Open Spaces Feng Shui in New York City Introduces Long Distance Feng Shui Consultations

Long distance feng shui consultation announced by premier NYC feng shui expert.

New York, NY, April 03, 2009 --( Open Spaces Feng Shui in New York City, is proud to announce that they are broadening their Feng Shui services with long distance consultations. This unique new service allows Open Spaces to create beautiful spaces outside of the New York Metro area.

Ann Bingley Gallops, owner of Open Spaces Feng Shui, started receiving inquiries from homeowners outside of the New York area who couldn’t find Feng Shui experts near them. Ann realized the need for long distance consultations and accordingly put together a detailed long distance package so that homeowners could get the same benefits from her consultations as those in the New York area do.

"Long-distance 'virtual' consultations are an excellent way for my clients to get an in-depth Feng Shui consultation if they live far from the city. I use every tool in my Feng Shui toolbox to diagnose the space and make changes that enhance their lives. They love it!" says Ann.

To do a long distance Feng Shui consultation, Ann needs a layout of the home, lots of pictures, and scheduled phone time. As long as these items are available, Open Spaces Feng Shui can help homeowners create a space with good energy and balance where they can grow and thrive.

About Open Spaces Feng Shui: Located in NYC, Open Spaces Feng Shui uses a practical, high-energy approach designed to help busy people create greater health, wealth and abundance in their lives. Feng Shui expert, Ann Bingley Gallops designs spaces that support good energy and balance, creating a place to grow and thrive.

Ann has an MBA from Columbia University in New York City, and an extensive marketing background. In 2003 she went into business as a professional organizer which evolved to include Feng Shui. Ann quickly realized how powerfully Feng Shui can transform people’s lives. With the launch of Open Spaces Feng Shui, Ann now dedicates her time to improving people’s lives by enhancing their space.

In addition to working with individuals, Open Spaces Feng Shui also offers options for working with professionals in allied business like Real Estate Staging and Interior Design.

Open Spaces Feng Shui offers a Free 15 minute consultation.


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