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DataTechLabs Arrow Switch Released for Live Beta Tests

Riga, Latvia, July 21, 2006 --( On July 20, 2006 DataTechLabs announced the release of Arrow Switch -- a software appliance built upon the well known Yate's telephony engine. Primary intended for use in conjunction with the native DataTechLabs VoIP billing services, it is said to be easily extended to match the requirements for those of other vendor billing platforms.

Arrow Switch handles both authentication and authorization. Impressively flexible accounting modes via the built-in free and open source RADIUS client for which the DataTechLabs is the main sponsor and in-house developer. Named BSDRADIUS, the libre RADIUS server implementation features Digest Authorization enabling VoIP providers to accept calls from both registered and unregistered users or configure authorization behaviour to further fit your environmental needs.

Arrow Switch is ready to make real-time decisions based upon call set-up, timeout and maximum call duration parameters to determine every calls length. Arrow Switch is developed for SIP compatible devices, but other legacy protocols and different levels of compatibility can be achieved by using the Arrow Switch alongside GNU Gatekeeper, enabling customers to use both H.323 and SIP accordingly.

The development of of Arrow Switch is on-going. RADIUS based routing, protocol transcoding, built-in IVR platform and other important features are awaiting to be included in the upcoming release. VoIP providers, companies, enthusiasts or other individuals are welcomed to participate in DataTechLabs Arrow Swich Live Beta Tests. DataTechLabs have thus promised to provide free access to Arrow Switch partitions to those who participate. DataTechLabs - BSDRadius - Yate - GnuGK -

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