Grid-Tools and Eviware to Provide Integrated End to End Data Management and SOA Testing Solution

Grid-Tools and Eviware announce new integration with the launch of their new tool, soapUI Data Pro, offering an integrated end-to-end data management and SOA testing solution.

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom, April 06, 2009 --( Eviware software and Grid-Tools Ltd have engaged in a technical partnership to offer an integrated end to end data management and SOA testing solution with the launch of their new tool, soapUI Data Pro.

soapUI Data Pro offers the functionality of Eviware’s soapUI along with Grid-Tools (GT) Datamaker’s data management capabilities. The tool provides superior support for concurrent development and SOA testing of Web Service Projects and an integrated approach to managing the data that is fed into and returned from requests. Data pools of requested and stored responses are managed in a central repository, allowing the results to be quickly checked against expected results. The user is equipped with an enterprise-wide end to end SOA testing solution.

Grid-Tools will be offering the solution as part of their Datamaker Suite toolset and Eviware will be offering the solution as an upgrade to its open source solution, soapUI and its professional solution, soapUI Pro. Customers will be able to contact both companies to order the solution, which is selling for a low cost of $1,200 USD.

Data Management for Web Service Projects
Combining the two tools offers customers an end to end data driven testing solution for Web Services including comprehensive support for testing of RESTful Web Services, support for creating complete simulation of Web Services, recording of live communication and the creation of tests from recordings. Expected results can also be stored within the tool and actual results can quickly be checked. Data requests and results can also be compared over time to identify if anything has changed. SoapUI Data Pro can store data in the Datamaker repository allowing users to freeze the response data. This is very important when testing multiple SOA requests, a good example of this would be freezing Pricing information in a complex series of test cases.

soapUI Data Pro also offers the feature of “Test Refactoring” whereby, if a WSDL is changed, upgrading all of your tests from one version is a simple and easy task and global edits can easily be made across data pools. The automatic creation of input forms for Web Services, drag and drop test creation and one click load tests are also simple and easy processes within the tool.

A Compelling Partnership to Target Data Driven SOA Testing
In response to the new partnership and technical integration, Huw Price, Grid-Tools Managing Director said, “Grid-Tools have welcomed the chance to develop a closer working partnership with Eviware and launch our new tool together. Eviware have a great product with soapUI and an extremely progressive attitude. We had been looking for quite some time for a well structured SOA technology to help expand the Datamaker functionality.”

“One of the most powerful functions of our integrated tool is its ability to import and manage SOA definitions and then use them to run a wide range of tests needed to test the project extensively. This provides an incredibly valuable proposition to customers.” Grid-Tools commented how enthusiastic they are about the ability to offer the tool to customers and work with Eviware.

“As SOA has gained traction in enterprises, we have come across the issue of data management from our users; the need for support for complex and rich test data is a natural development for our toolset,” says Ole Matzura of Eviware Software. “The quality of the testing is only as good as the data you use, but without proper support test data management can quickly become overwhelming. Partnering with Grid-Tools was a perfect fit; Datamaker is simply the best data management software out there and soapUI Data Pro will enable all companies to create rich and complete tests for their SOA’s. Grid Tools and Eviware have shared values of customer focus and nobody comes close in their knowledge in how information is used in the organisation and how it can be managed.”

For more information contact Grid-Tools at UK: +44 (0) 1865 988542, USA: 1-866-563-3120 or

About Eviware Software:
Eviware Software are the Market Leaders in Web Service Testing. With more than 200,000 users and 2000 daily downloads their Open Source Web Service testing tool soapUI has become the market de facto standard for testing Web Services.

The commercial version, soapUI Pro, consists of productivity and quality enhancements to the popular Open Source tool, as well as world class support. soapUI Pro has been quickly adapted by enterprises as well as Governmental Organizations worldwide.

Eviware Software are producing testing software that is Fast and Fun, focusing on Agility, Cost Efficiency and pure testing Fun.

About Grid-Tools Limited:

Grid-Tools are specialists in data generation, test data management and information lifecycle management. Their experienced personnel have been writing and developing solutions for large companies in both the private and public sectors for nearly 30 years.

The Grid-Tools Datamaker Suite includes a wide range of tools for test data management including such innovative products as Datamaker, a revolutionary tool that creates and publishes quality test data with the referential integrity of production environments for testing and development. Datamaker offers three methods for managing and generating data in testing and development inclusive of database subsetting, data obfuscation (data masking and data compliance) and synthetic data generation.

Within a short span of time, Grid-Tools have picked up an impressive list of well known and respected customers and strategic partners world-wide.

The Grid-Tools methodology consists of using the “data-centric” approach to testing whereby, their focus is to ensure the quality of the test data you are using is of the right quality for successful testing.

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