Myriad Supply Company Unveils Recession-Beating Stimulus Plan for I.T. Infrastructure

The Myriad Upgrade program stimulates corporate I.T. infrastructure improvements by giving clients the ability to trade-in old hardware and purchase newer equipment.

New York, NY, April 08, 2009 --( Myriad Supply Company, LLC., a leading reseller of networking equipment, reports today that many of their clients are using the Myriad Upgrade program to make significant enhancements to their I.T. infrastructure. The recession-beating Myriad Upgrade program allows customers to upgrade their technology, using trade-in value from their legacy equipment to offset the price of the upgrade. The combination of trade-in credit and aggressively price pre-owned upgrades affords companies of all sizes the opportunity to significantly improve their infrastructure despite the current economic climate.

With stocks, home values, corporate revenues, and I.T. budgets falling every day, Myriad Upgrade targets businesses and companies hoping to upgrade and build out their networks economically. It gives clients a viable outlet to liquidate some of their technology assets by offering high market values for equipment from Cisco, Foundry, Juniper, Polycom, Redback and other manufacturers. "Every company has a pile of out-of-service equipment sitting on the shelf collecting dust - and now is the time to turn that into working capital," notes Andrew Fisher, Chief Executive Officer of Myriad Supply.

In addition to being an effective cost-savings, the Myriad Upgrade process is particularly well suited for clients making upgrades to live production networks. This is because Myriad Supply provides the trade-in value instantly, but allows the client to configure and set up the new equipment in parallel to the legacy equipment for testing and seamless cutover. After the client is fully migrated to the new equipment, Myriad Supply makes return logistics arrangements for the legacy equipment, scheduling carrier pickups and even providing packing materials when necessary. The overall benefit of the program saves companies time, money and headaches, while allowing them to run their businesses on current network technologies.

The financial benefit of the Myriad Upgrade program is to alleviate tightened I.T. budgets. According to the end-of-year "State of the CIO" poll of 558 corporate technology leaders, average I.T. budgets across all industries have shrunk from last year from 7.4% of revenue to 6.7% of revenue. The recession and current economic climate requires companies to not only rethink the handling of their current equipment assets, but also forces them to alter their current strategy for acquiring network equipment.

One of Myriad's clients, an I.T. consultant, was able to completely offset the costs of four DS3 routers with voice capabilities by taking advantage of the Myriad Upgrade program. By trading in a Cisco network module that was no longer in use, the consultant was able to upgrade the routing technology at their client’s four branch offices and avoid hardware expenses almost entirely. Without the Myriad Upgrade program, this upgrade would not have been possible.

A leading financial services firm was also able to take advantage of this program. The firm was able to afford an upgrade of their network by trading in their Cisco NM-1A-T3’s and replacing them with Cisco NM-1T3/E3’s at 22 of their branch location. Similarly, a global healthcare solutions company was able to take advantage of Myriad Upgrade and replace their end-of-life Cisco switches to newer Gigabit Cisco models. This type of diversity proves that Myriad Upgrade can help companies of all industries and all sizes.

“We are hearing from our customers that with their I.T. budgets constrained, trading in or selling the gear they are attempting to replace is a cost-effective way of upgrading their networks without a large capital outlay,” said Mark Hosny, Chief Financial Officer at Myriad Supply. “Oftentimes we are able to offer a higher amount for trade-in gear that is used for a future purchase, allowing even more flexibility and options when upgrading the network. Based on the first three months of 2009, we’re projecting that our trade-in program will increase over two-fold in 2009 compared to 2008.”

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