Joshua Dinnerman interviewed US Air Force Lt. General

Honolulu, HI, July 23, 2006 --( Joshua Dinnerman Publisher and Miltary View magazine team interviewed Lt General Victor E. Renuart who was Vice Commander, Pacific Air Forces, Hickam Air force Base Hawaii. Since the interview the Lt General was selected for reassignment as Senior Military Assistant to the Secretary of Defense.

The Interview took place in Hawaii at Hickam Air force base and was part of a series of interviews done by Joshua Dinnerman with military leaders."It was a pleasure interviewing Lt. General Renuart. He was very pleasant and answered all of our questions," said Dinnerman.

The Interview covers questions about what it is like to be a senior leader and general aspects associated with a career as a Lt. General in the US Air Force.
Dinnerman added "The Interview gave us an important insight into the kind of people that lead. In this case we met a very nice man."

One question that was asked was :MV When You wake up and put the uniform on, those three stars, what does that feel like?

The answer starts Lt Gen Renuart: "it's a little bit surreal. For me personally, I clearly never expected to be a three star general so its a pretty humbling experience when you put on your uniform and think "where did all these stars come from?" The answer continues in Miltary View.

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Joshua Dinnerman