Agilis Announces Small Business Package Pricing for Their Software Licensing Solutions

Santa Clara, CA, April 09, 2009 --( Agilis Software today announced Small Business Package pricing for startups and small businesses for both Agilis's EasyLicenser License Manager and Orion Network Licensing Platform, as well as for Agilis's Acropolis On-demand Managed Licensing Service.

The Small Business Packages enable software vendors having limited revenues or funding to cut their initial licensing costs by over 50% compared with standard pricing, so they don't have to compromise on their choice of licensing solution based on cost alone. Small software vendors do need to conserve their cash in the short term, and at the same time position for long-term growth with a secure, comprehensive and flexible licensing system. Instead of building a budget licensing tool into their products as a cost-saving measure and then having to rip it out later and upgrade all their customers, small software vendors can now afford to build their business from the start with the full range of capabilities of Agilis's EasyLicenser License Manager or Orion Network Licensing Platform, and optionally leverage Agilis' Acropolis hosted licensing solution for zero-infrastructure license administration.

Dominc Haigh, VP of Agilis, commented: "The Small Business Package pricing allows smaller vendors to protect their products and revenues with the same licensing solutions trusted today by Fair Isaac, Harris, the US Navy, Counterpath, Mercury Computer Systems, SDL Tridion and hundreds of other software vendors, large and small, worldwide".

EasyLicenser and Orion support a wide range of license models, including trial licensing, subscription licensing, node-locked licensing, automated product activation, feature-based licensing, floating licensing, named-user licensing, usage-based licensing and more, for applications written in multi-platform Java, C/C++ on 32/64 bit Windows, Linux, Solaris and Mac OS X, or .NET.

Acropolis enables vendors of Orion-protected applications to eliminate infrastructure costs and reduce operations costs.

The Agilis Small Business Packages are a limited-time offer available to qualifying startups, small companies and business units only. Restrictions do apply. For further details please visit:, or call +1 408-404-8480 x611.

About Agilis Software

Agilis Software LLC is a Santa Clara, CA based company that specializes in electronic license management solutions for the Internet era. Visit for further information.

About Orion

Orion is an Internet-protocol-based Network Licensing Platform that can function as a product activation server, floating license server, license key distribution server and software asset and activity tracking server, to protect applications written in Java, C/C++ or C#/.Net/VB. Orion is a highly-available, extensible and self-contained licensing platform. Orion is based on accepted standards such as HTTP and J2EE so fits readily into modern networked environments. Visit for further information.

About EasyLicenser

EasyLicenser is a standalone license management solution that offers single-user desktop, server and embedded licensing for standalone applications. EasyLicenser supports comprehensive licensing policies including time-limited, metered or feature licensing, deferred-mode licensing and extensible node-locking. EasyLicenser provides protection for Java and C/C++ applications. For details or a free evaluation download please visit the Agilis website at

About Acropolis

Acropolis is an on-demand license management service for software and hardware/software system vendors who protect their products with Internet-based licensing using Agilis’s Orion Network Licensing Platform. Acropolis supports Orion’s product activation and Internet-based floating licensing capabilities on both connected and disconnected systems. Vist for details.

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