Neurofeedback, a True Approach to Holistic Life Coaching in San Diego

San Diego holistic medicine center, Holistic Life Coaching, turns to Neurofeedback for ADHD and PTSD.

San Diego, CA, April 09, 2009 --( Holistic Life Coaching, a San Diego based wellness center, now employs painless and drug free modalities through an emerging and effective treatment called Neurofeedback.

In 1924 an archaic form of Neurofeedback was discovered by German psychiatrist Hans Berger when he connected tiny electrodes to the scalps of his patients and discovered small, flowing currents. Over the past 90 years the treatment modality has been perfected and is used to successfully treat many conditions like anxiety, depression, AD/HD, mental illness, obsessive compulsive disorder, chronic fatigue, and many other behavioral issues without the use of a drug treatment therapy.

“Neurofeedback is an integrative approach to traditional therapy, and I believe it is the most powerful personal growth and development system around,” says Dr. Hadasah of Holistic Life Coaching. “Our goal is to assist with unblocking emotional pathways, so our patients can discover their own personal path to enlightenment. Learning to unleash the power within, and having it last, is truly a remarkable moment for everyone involved.”

Once scalp sensors are placed, via conducting paste, to the scalp, Neurofeedback gives feedback on the brain. It is primarily necessary when irregularities appear like difficulty falling asleep or waking up, or if the patient is stuck in high or low arousal states. In some cases this may appear as either seizures or migraines.

“The process is simple and works quickly,” continues Dr. Hadasah. “Most of our patients feel a difference after the first session, and then overtime the brain tends to hold on to the results.”

Holistic Life Coaching is located in Mission Valley at 2333 Camino Del Rio South, #240, San Diego, CA 92108. They can be reached at (619) 291-1986 as well at

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