Pro-Staff Announces Lawn & Shrub Care Tips for After the Cold Weather

While central florida experienced damaging frost in the first quarter of the year, the warm weather and some extra TLC should speed up reversing the damage to your lawn and shrubs.

Orlando, FL, April 15, 2009 --( Shrubs should be trimmed and all damaged areas should be cut out if easily accesible, some shrubs like Hibiscus may need to be trimmed all the way down to the base, keep cutting them back until you see green in the branches.

A little extra lawn fertilizer and a regular watering schedule should have your lawn healthy again in no time, unless there are additional issues.

While we are all looking forward to some warmer weather, it is not without some drawbacks, insect and weed issues can get quickly out of hand without treatment, remember an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so Pro-Staff Termite and Pest Control is offering free quotes on getting and keeping your lawn and shrubs healthy again.

Pro-Staff Termite and Pest Control
Stacey Boeshko