Elemental Threads Offers ShopGreen™ Carbon Offset Program to Eco-Conscious Fashionistas

Santa Monica, CA, April 15, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Elemental Threads, an online retailer selling custom-made handbags, announces an industry-first adoption of ShopGreen™, a new web application that allows customers to purchase carbon offsets.

Visitors to http://www.elementalthreads.com design their own handbags by choosing the type of bag, fabric, lining and hardware. There are currently over 1.7 billion possible designs, with more on the way. Elemental Threads seeks to be a leader in the custom-designed accessories industry while promoting social and environmental responsibility. “Elemental Threads takes pride in offering functional, customizable bags that offer high quality and personality with an eco-friendly twist,” says founder Emily Worden.

When making a purchase on http://www.elementalthreads.com, customers can choose to invest an additional 1% of their order to reduce the carbon footprint generated by the production of their handbag. With just one click customers can choose between eight different carbon offset projects and see the pounds of CO2 that will be offset. Upon checkout, customers are provided with a ShopGreen™ tracking ID to monitor the details of their carbon offsets purchase.

Developed by the new startup GreenWorld (http://www.greenworldapps.com), the patent-pending free ShopGreen™ web application is a powerful carbon offset program that seamlessly integrates with an online retailer’s e-commerce store. ShopGreen™ makes it very easy for companies and customers to fund specific carbon offset projects, provides real time tracking, and – with very low transaction fees -- channels nearly all of the buyer’s investment directly to offset project developers.

“Our partnership with GreenWorld to help promote the launch of their ShopGreen™ web application is a great opportunity for Elemental Threads,” says Worden. “We believe in the “triple bottom line” – people, planet, and profits – and ShopGreen™ dovetails perfectly with our mission. Not only are we raising money, but we are also raising environmental awareness and empowering our customers to easily support eco-friendly initiatives, which builds great brand loyalty.” For Worden, introducing ShopGreen™ to Elemental Threads was a simple choice. “It’s straightforward, easy to use, enhances the brand and combats climate change. ShopGreen™ is an exciting new opportunity and we are thrilled to be a part of it.”

About ElementalThreads:

Elemental Threads is an online retailer selling custom-made handbags. Launched in May 2008, the website www.elementalthreads.com quickly gained attention from customers and bloggers in over 120 countries. Customers enjoy visual previews of their designs as they choose the type of bag, fabric, lining and hardware in three simple steps. Elemental Threads believes in social responsibility and pays its eThreads seamsters™ a living wage, uses recycled packaging, offers eco-friendly fabrics and carbon offsets. In these and many other ways, Elemental Threads believes in the triple bottom line – people, planet and profits – and making every woman an accessory to good will™.

About GreenWorld:

GreenWorld, and its parent company RED Interactive Agency (http://www.ff0000.com), unveiled the GreenWorld web application platform (http://www.greenworldapps.com) in March 2009 with the mission of becoming the leading carbon market web application solution for companies and their customers. By emphasizing simplicity, scalability, and ease of use, GreenWorld helps consumers offset carbon emissions, and helps businesses gain increased customer loyalty and satisfaction. With a diverse carbon offsets portfolio, real time tracking, and the lowest transaction fees in the industry, GreenWorld makes protecting the planet a snap.

About RED:

Founded in 1999, RED Interactive Agency (http://www.ff0000.com) is focused on creating useful interactive tools and engaging online experiences for some of the worlds most notable and influential brands. Additionally RED has applied its strategic, creative, and technical prowess to developing proprietary Web based software and technologies, mostly based around social and environmentally conscience initiatives. In 2008 RED launched two new web based properties (http://www.greenworldapps.com and http://www.googooswap.com).

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