MG-Shadow – When the Customer is the Boss

Malden, MA, July 26, 2006 --( MG Way Corp released the new version of its monitoring software MG-Shadow 2.0 now supporting major Instant Messengers and Internet Browsers.

“This is our firm policy – to follow our customer’s requests and wishes,” says Max Galitsyn CEO of the MG Way Corp. “Most of our users are deeply concerned about Instant Messengers conversations monitoring. This is not surprising. According to the statistics every regular Internet user whether a teenager, employee or a spouse has Instant Messenger account with one or another service and usually spends around 2 hours interacting with buddies. That’s why we added MSM recording and are testing Yahoo messenger. So, the project includes all major Instant Messengers – ICQ, AIM, MSN and Yahoo.”

New version also is adapted to 3 main Internet Browsers – Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Opera. So, nothing can escape from MG-Shadow’s sharp eye now.

All the Mg-shadow license owners can download the new update of the program from the website at no charge. This practice will remain the same for all users who has purchased the program before September 1, 2006.

Current license allows to install the program on a single workstation only. However, the company’s technicians are working on a MG-Shadow Network Edition. There is a plan to develop a separate program for corporate users as there is a growing demand for the program from businesses as well as from non-profit organizations.

Traditionally, the company offers a free trial version of their program for those who are interested or just want to see how spy/monitoring software works. Trial version is a full version of the program with the pop-up reminder to purchase licensed version. Also everybody is welcome to use their decent support service and Life Help Chat.

For more information please visit site or company’s site

MG Way Corp
Alex Falcon