Brava-Italia Appearing (and Quickly Disappearing) at YouTube’s Corporate Office

Brava-Italia Appearing (and Quickly Disappearing) at YouTube’s Corporate Office
Burlingame, CA, April 27, 2009 --( In a remarkable example of early adopter brand loyalty and genuine good-heartedness, Brava-Italia and Sexy-Italia beverages have been mysteriously appearing in on-campus refrigerators at video–sharing powerhouse YouTube. These unique drinks are reportedly being consumed almost as fast as the refrigerators are being stocked.

Since Microsoft established free beverages as a modern employee benefit in the 1980’s most new technology companies have followed suit and YouTube is no different. YouTubers, as they have come to be called, enjoy free beverages and snacks from kiosks and refrigerators throughout their headquarters. Beverages offered are what you might expect, all the major brands of soda’s, waters, juices and, yes, energy drinks. But in the spirit of YouTube’s grassroots origins and interest in wanting something different, employees themselves have taken to adding something new to their refrigerator shelves. And Brava-Italia and Sexy-Italia fit the bill.

YouTube still maintains its start-up culture with power drinks frequently serving as the fuel for engineer all-nighters. Adding new energy drinks made sense and also aligned with YouTube’s global appeal given Sexy-Italia’s and Brava-Italia’s international roots.

For the record, Brava-Italia is an elegant Italian energy drink and Sexy-Italia is a uniquely flavored energy drink that claims to provide an aphrodisiac effect. Imported by Salerno Imports, the products are not available from typical beverage sellers like convenience stores but they have been sold through Italian specialty stores and pizzerias. But why are YouTube employees stocking energy drinks in their fleeting spare time rather than drink what is already freely stocked?

One of the mysterious YouTube shelf stockers confessed that he tried and enjoyed the beverages on a recent trip to the East coast. However, after learning that the beverage was not available on the West-coast, decided to order it online and stock it in a clandestine fashion to surprise people and let everyone enjoy.

According to Ron Salerno, Principle of Salerno Imports, “What’s going on at YouTube is fantastic! I am glad they like the product but they must know that we are really just a start up and I can’t help but think there is also some genuine generosity going on here. Especially given these market conditions.”

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