Synology® Launches 09-Series Disk Station Models for Home to Corporate Users, New DX5 and RX4, and 2.5" Disk Holder

Taipei, Taiwan, April 17, 2009 --( Synology® Inc. today launches its 09-series Disk Station models showcasing upgraded hardware configurations, scheduled power on/off function that enables energy saving and lowering running cost, and user-friendly management interface. The plug-n-use DX5 and RX4 easily expand selected Disk Station's storage to up to 10 hard drives. With the brand-new 2.5" Disk Holder, selected Disk Stations using 3.5" hard drives are now compatible with 2.5" hard drives, bringing the benefits of quieter operations, power saving, and reliability.

Synology 09-series Disk Station Models
The Corporate series includes DS509+ and RS409+ and RS409RP+ which support flexible RAID management and 2 TB hard drives. This series is equipped with 2 Gigabit LAN ports, a 1.06 GHz CPU with 64 bit memory bus and floating point computing, 1GB memory, and expandable storage with DX5 and RX4, appealing to corporate users who demand large capacity, high performance, and rich applications.

The DS409+ and DS109+ are new to the Small and Medium Business Series, which support 2 TB hard drives, and are equipped with a 1.06 GHz CPU with 64 bit memory bus and floating point computing, and 512MB memory. These new models appeals to small-and-medium business users who demand an affordable solution for efficient data sharing and backup.

The Workgroup and Office Series now includes the DS209 and DS109. Both models are equipped with a 1.2 GHz CPU, three USB ports, and the support of 2 TB hard drives which appeal to workgroup and small office users who demand rich business applications and reliability in a compact design.

The Personal and Home Office Series have two additional models, the DS209j and DS109j. Both models come with a 266 MHz CPU and three USB ports and are ideal for personal and home users who demand rich multimedia applications and a user-friendly management interface in a compact design.

"We aim to provide users with new software features to match continually growing demand on NAS servers' performance. We are proud to announce that new Disk Station Manager 2.1 software will be shipped with all new Disk Station models," said Edward Lin, marketing director of Synology. The Disk Station Manager 2.1 software, using AJAX technology, adds integration for new mail server capabilities with the installation of the Mail Station add-on, enhances Synology Surveillance Station, storage management, user management, privilege management, and adds support for 4 new languages - Portuguese (Brazil), Portuguese (European), Turkish and Hungarian.

Synology DX5 and RX4
The DX5 and RX4 provide volume expansion and backup capability for the DS509+ and RS409+ and RS409RP+ respectively. The DX5 and RX4 helps users smoothly scale up their Disk Station to 10 hard drives at an affordable cost or act as a backup solution when utilized as an independent volume. The easy-to-use DX5 and RX4 also features plug-n-use connectivity, hot-swappable HDD design and disk hibernation.

Synology 2.5" Disk Holder
Synology's brand-new 2.5" Disk Holder helps users easily deploy 2.5" hard drives on selected Disk Station models. When 2.5" hard drives are installed in the corporate series and the small-and-medium business series, the smart fan design slows down the fan spinning inside the Disk Station, while when equipped in other series, the smart fan design keeps the Disk Station's fan off under normal operation and spinning at a very low speed only when needed, resulting in reduced power consumption and vibration, together with increased MTBF and shock tolerance.

All of the above mentioned new products are now shipping.

Synology at a Glance
Synology Inc., founded in April 2000 by a duo experienced in system designing and marketing, is a dedicated Network Attached Storage (NAS) products provider located in the Taipei city, Taiwan. With a staunch and united team organization, Synology creates and brings forth NAS servers of originality for the global market. Under the breezy yet conscientious team work, Synology embodies the spirit of vitality, creativity, specialty, and versatility, implanting a new breath into the staid NAS business. With our sustained and substantial investment in research and development, Synology is pursing the laurels of contemporary NAS industry on an international scale.

Synology NAS Servers are designed to fulfill its customers' need of security, performance, energy saving, and functionality on a broad range around the globe from prosumers to corporations. Moreover, to practice commitment made to its widespread customers and to provide every possible means of satisfactory services, Synology is using its best endeavors to the establishment a fully developed customer support and service team. Having a vision beyond the visible, Synology NAS Servers signify –Value.

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