Seniors Tai Chi Workout Book Improves Balance, Strength and Flexibility

The Senior’s Tai Chi Workout Book just published is the first Tai Chi workout book designed especially for seniors. All seniors will benefit from this simple, clear and easy to follow workout. Precise and clear directions and photos illustrate all Tai Chi exercises.

New York, NY, July 26, 2006 --( Master Domingo Colon, director of the Tai Chi School of Westchester, est. 1978 has used his more than 40 years of Tai Chi experience and training in physical therapy to create a program that’s perfect for practicing at home. 

One of the drawbacks of Tai Chi classes is the difficulty of remembering the many exercises and details so that students may continue to practice on their own. This book is ideal as a reference for home use. Unlike other Tai Chi books, that try to fit everyone, this book is perfectly suitable for seniors to use as a follow-along reference. 

The format of this book is exceptionally user-friendly; 8½” by 11” pages and large type used throughout the book makes it easy to read for individuals with visual limitations. Spiral-bound edition allows students to lay the book flat and follow along with the exercises easily and a convenient fold-over flap can be used as a bookmark. 

Simple and clear English descriptions (rather than confusing Chinese terms) help students understand Tai Chi quickly. 

The Senior’s Tai Chi Workout includes relaxation and stress reduction exercises, Chi Kung (energy and breathing techniques), and a brief Tai Chi series created particularly for seniors to improve balance, strength and flexibility. The entire workout takes only 20 minutes, yet seniors have seen great improvements in a short time. 

The “Senior’s Tai Chi Workout Book” also includes a glossary and several appendices for additional reference. 

A unique and generous bonus included is that any purchaser of this book may take one Free Tai Chi class with Master Domingo Colon whenever they may be in New York to review the material in the book.

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