Avoiding the UK’s Worst Dog Boarding Kennels

It is difficult to sort out the good kennels from the bad; new website allows owners to get testimonials from other dog owners; database of over 1000 UK kennels online now.

Bletchingley, United Kingdom, July 27, 2006 --(PR.com)-- If you have never put your dog into a boarding kennel before, or perhaps you are unhappy with your existing kennel, then you must wonder how to choose the best accommodation possible. For the first time dog owners can easily share information about boarding kennels in their area thanks to new website – www.rateakennel.co.uk.

“I always agonised about where to send my dogs,” admits site owner Jay Neill. “A preliminary visit can help settle some of the concerns, but what I really wanted to hear were testimonials from other dog owners who had used that kennel.”

“RateaKennel.co.uk is unlike other dog kennel directories on the web in that it allows owners to rate and review kennels that they have used, passing that information on to other concerned dog lovers.”

Dog owners can rate a kennel using four key criteria – cleanliness, friendliness, value and dog stimulation. They can also write a short review, giving other owners the opportunity to learn why they love a kennel, or why they would never use it again.

“I wish that a website like RateaKennel.co.uk had been around several years ago,” says Jay. “It might have prevented an unpleasant experience for my older dog if I had been forewarned about one of the kennels I’ve tried.”
Posters on popular discussion forum UnderstandingAnimals.com seem to love the idea. “What a fantastic idea, I'm shocked it's not been done before as it's such a good thing to do,” said one poster from Brighton.

Overseas members are just as enthusiastic, albeit frustrated. “What a fantastic idea!  Wish you could do this for Australia!” said a poster from down under. “That is a cool idea and it would be great if we could do as well,” wrote another.


For further information contact Jay Neill on 07900 897504 or jay@rateakennel.co.uk

About RateaKennel.co.uk
RateaKennel.co.uk (www.rateakennel.co.uk) is the creation of dog lover and web publisher, Jay Neill. It launched on 26 July 2006 with a database of over 1000 dog boarding kennels and is actively seeking kennel reviews from across the UK.

About Jay Neill
Jay Neill is a web publisher based in Surrey, UK. He is the owner of the popular UnderstandingAnimals.com discussion forums, as well as publisher of the tech websites www.dvdrecorderworld.com, www.mediacenterpcworld.com and www.futuredigs.com. He is the owner of two dogs and three cats, who wish he would hurry up and create RateaCattery.co.uk as well.
Jay Neill