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New eBook provides real help to Los Angeles commuters to save gas, save time, get where they are going faster and ease road rage and stress. It even shows all U.S. drivers how to make all car expenses legally tax deductible and save $100s or $1000s/year on taxes.

Los Angeles, CA, July 27, 2006 --( LA Road Warriors are stressed out! They complain that even with the use of an online direction mapping service and a traffic alert type service, traffic alerts on the radio, ipod and cell phone and even an expensive dashboard GPS navigation device (that happily tells you when you made a wrong turn)... That they are still getting stuck in traffic.

In fact, reports from news sources and studies from think tanks all show the LA traffic situation getting worse, not better.

But now there is a new player in the game with new answers! LA FASTWAY 1st Edition eBook at LAFASTWAY.COM

LA FASTWAY ebook author, GARKO (an LA musician who is fed up with the traffic!) States the seemingly obvious fact that to bypass the traffic you need to know where to go! But he zeros in on the target when he says that this knowledge can only come from human experience, either the person's or from someone giving them helpful suggestions based on their experience. That is what gives LA FASTWAY readers the competitive advantage in the daily combat zone that is the Los Angeles commute. In other words, you need to know where to go before you get stuck or else you wind up sitting there in traffic, looking at a map and trying to figure your way out when you are not moving.

None of those devices and mapping services are based upon human experience and none of them can tell you what the fastest moving roads are. They do tell you where roads are, they can't tell you which ones move freely and which ones get routinely jammed up.  but LA FASTWAY shortcuts are based on human experience and do tell you which roads are your wisest choice!

Sig Alert type services, for instance, only give you a view or an alert of what is happening on traffic routes that you give them. GARKO asks people to answer this question.."Where do you get your traffic routes from?"

What is the problmem with online mapping services? Here is one example from the LAFASTWAY.cOM website...
Try getting directions down  to Culver City on the 10 and being told to get off of exit 7A (La Cienega) but being told that the exit is Cadillac Ave.     
Think that might be confusing?
The exit is called 7A La Cienega but the street you come off onto is Cadillac so the online service tells you to get off at Exit 7A Cadillac Ave!

This is because of the lack of human experience at these websites. They have their usefulness but it is limited. That is why Los Angeles drivers would be wise to get their copy of the current LA FASTWAY 1st Edition eBook and to join the private, online cooperative community of people helping people get around LA better.

Garko states that the addition of a cooperative online community is vital to the continued value and success of LA FASTWAY well into the future. He states, "There have two books that provided traffic shortcuts in the past and one of them was quite popular... but that is the problem! It was popular to a substantial enough degree that the shortcuts got jammed up too after a bit of time! But with an online cooperative community provided by LAFASTWAY.COM to owners of our product, we ensure that this service will last forever and actually help make a better community. A participant at the online community can post something like... well that shortcut over in Downtown that is in the ebook has gotten jammed up... but I do have an alternate.... see?"

Although LA FASTWAY is brand new, there are already testimonials coming in from readers. Here are a couple of these...
"Great product! Great to play around with! Great idea!" - R.L.
"I have tried a couple of the alternate routes you recommend. I can't believe that I am actually having fun driving in Los Angeles but now I am!"- J.T.

The shorcuts were, for the most part provided by a runner for one of the top Hollywood movie stars who drove 200-300 miles daily for years and had to learn the shortcuts in order to make it home in time for dinner!

In addition to the ebook itself, bonus services are provided including where to find the cheapest gas in your neighborhood, how to cope with road rage, a list of 16 trusted mechanics in the Los Angeles area and even how to legally make all car expenses tax deductible!

Gary Konigsberg for LAFASTWAY.COM

LA Fastway
GARy KOnigsberg aka GARKO