Element Kitchen Remodeling of Wayne Expands Remodeler Service Area to Ardmore and Malvern Pennsylvania

Previously exclusively servicing homes in Wayne PA, Element Kitchen and Bath Remodeling of Wayne Pennsylvania recently expanded their service area to include homes in Ardmore and Malvern Pennsylvania.

Wayne, PA, April 21, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Element Kitchen Remodeling of Wayne PA has now expanded their kitchen and bath remodeling service area to include two areas in the vicinity of Wayne Pennsylvania, Malvern PA and Ardmore PA. After 6 years of exclusively servicing the Wayne area and developing a reputation for quality craftsmanship, Element has decided to take its services to the rest of the Main Line.

"For the most part, we have been exclusive to the Main Line and the Wayne area," said Michael Sheehan, president of Element Kitchen. "I've kept my staff to just 4 people including myself and We've just had so much business in the area we have not needed to pursue leads or advertising elsewhere. In the last 2 years I have since expanded my employee base with skilled artisans and designers and I feel we are ready to take on other jobs outside of the area. We offer a great service and if I am not able to be at every job, I lose the quality control that gave us the reputation we have today. With the extra staff, we have skilled labor at each job site and I am able to fluctuate between areas to oversee each new remodeling job we land."

The expansion of the business means Element needs to widen its scope of services within its remodeling roster to ensure they receive a steady stream of projects from homeowners in Malvern and Ardmore as well as Wayne. "Specialty kitchen and bath remodeling is our forte, but in order to keep our expanded work force busy with a steady stream of work in the new areas, we need to advertise that we do other types of remodeling services in addition to kitchen and bath," said Mr. Sheehan. "It's not that we don't do other remodeling or haven't done other remodeling, it's just that kitchen and bathroom remodeling services are the most requested. Of course we can take our skills in those areas and apply them in different areas of the home to offer a full remodeling service to our customers in the new expansion areas."

Element Kitchen and Bath was founded by Michael Sheehan of King of Prussia PA. Mr. Sheehan was surprised by the lack of skilled remodelers in the Wayne PA area. Analyzing the issue, Mr. Sheehan realized it wasn't the lack of skilled remodelers in the area, it was that many of the contractors were getting more jobs than they could handle. The typical owner of a remodeling firm would sell their company to the homeowner, land the job, and never be seen again. This was resulting in jobs where the end result was poor quality construction because it was being performed by day laborers and many times the owner of the company who initially sold the job was never on the jobsite to control build quality. He was convinced he could do a better job by keeping the construction workforce small and skilled and by being present at every remodeling job to ensure work was being performed at an expert artisan level. So, Element Remodeling was born.

Over the past few years, Element Kitchen and Bath of Wayne has steady work and growth by adhering to their founding principles of not overextending the company so as to provide a consistent quality product. The company knows their growth is a product of consistently expert designs, quality construction, and attentive customer service. Element Kitchen and Bath of Wayne is consistently keeping up with design and remodeling trends to ensure they stay current and in demand.

Element Kitchen Remodeling of Wayne's ultimate goal is to provide Wayne, Malvern, and Ardmore PA homeowners with a better type of remodeler. Element's construction and design team will make sure their new customers in Malvern and Ardmore are served to the highest level of satisfaction.

Element Kitchen and Bath Design is a full service remodeling contractor specializing in kitchen remodeling and renovations, bathroom remodeling, design, layouts, and more. We design and install custom kitchens in Wayne, Ardmore, and Malvern PA. Contact them today for a free quote at www.elementkitchen.com or call 610.613.4307.

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