Producer Thomas R. Bond II Announces Slated Films for Biograph Pictures

Biograph Pictures announces its slate of "New" classic films for the 21st century.

Beverly Hills, CA, April 22, 2009 --( This morning, Thomas R. Bond, II - President and CEO of Biograph Company announced the new slate of films for Biograph.

Currently, Bond is in development with Biograph's new film "Red Man's View" a feature drama which is a remake of Biograph's silent 1909 film with the same title. The film is unique because it is the first film since "Dances with Wolves" to take an in-depth look at Native American life during the Civil War era. The film is scheduled for production in 2009.

The slate of other films include "Mary" The Mary Pickford Story the life and times of Biograph's most well known leading lady, Mary Pickford. This wonderful film will lead you into the world of showbusiness over a hundred years ago, back to a time when movies and modern entertainment were born. "Davy Crockett" A story of America slated to star Lee Horsely. In many historical movies, facts are ignored, and history re-written to serve the purpose of a popular point of view, rather than factual truth. But, through the test of time America stands undaunted and undistorted and so does her Heroes. This is the "True" story of a real American Hero "Davy Crockett". "The Time Machine" The first faithful adaptation of the original novella published in 1899, about an eccentric inventor who builds a time machine that carries him thousands of year into the future.

Bond states "Our company stands for a heritage and quality of filmmaking. These films hold everything that films of the "Golden age" of Hollywood had. We are not out to please a certain demographic, but everyone, everywhere with films that tell a story of history, ignite the imagination, and possibly have a positive impact on our audience".

Since Biograph films was first established in 1895, it has been a privately held company. It does not have to answer to any major studio or business corporation.

Bond continues "This gives Biograph the freedom to make films different from the 'Mainstream', and through our films, being able to make the world just a little better of a place".

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