IntruGuard Provides Crowd Control for Virtual Stadium for Sports Websites

IntruGuard today announced that Sports Portals can now use its appliances for crowd control to keep up the service quality.

Sunnyvale, CA, April 20, 2009 --( International popularity of games such as cricket, soccer, baseball, football has been rising and there is plenty of money at stake. Viewers from all around the world crowd at a virtual stadium when a major event takes place. A protective system needs to be able to distinguish attacks from "pent-up" demand from legitimate customers and not cause false positives.

The Leading DDoS Solution Provider, IntruGuard today announced that many sites have been using its hardware appliance for crowd control. Among these is a Nasdaq-100 security software vendor. They use the solution to maintain a level that their servers can handle. Any excess load is controlled in a disciplined way so that users are not frustrated.

"I have been able to focus on more important network operations functions after we installed IG2000s in our network," concluded the Network Engineering and Enterprise Security Manager with the customer, whose name is available on request and withheld for privacy reasons, "With IG2000 in place protecting our network, we have at least one serious problem behind us".

“Recent overcrowding at the cricket’s premier event International Premier League (IPL) brought down and the sports lovers were unable to share the fun,” said Hemant Jain, co-founder and CTO of IntruGuard. “Large sports websites such as these need infrastructure planning. IntruGuard’s security solutions provide hardware based solution to this specific need. You want people to feel that there is a disciplined entry to the virtual stadium rather than a haphazard way. Every system is designed for a certain load, beyond that load, you want the system to behave gracefully rather than abruptly. ”

Key features that assist the infrastructure planner are:
• Hardware logic based crowd control. There is no software in the path of the packets.
• Ability to limit number of concurrent connections per source.
• Ability to limit number of concurrent connections per destination.
• Ability to limit number of connection attempts/second.
• Ability to segregate e-commerce purchases from normal viewers using virtual pipes. This ensures that purchases and credit card transactions go unhindered even if the site is overcrowded and being rate limited.

IntruGuard’s products are available through resellers and distributors in some countries and directly in countries without resellers.

Hemant Jain
+1 408 400 4222