Connecticut Better Business Bureau Offers Advice to Avoid Being Jilted at the Altar by Wedding Vendors

Wedding insurance becoming more popular to ensure worry-free walk down the aisle.

Wallingford, CT, April 23, 2009 --( With the number of commercial bankruptcies on the rise, some brides and grooms are being burned by bankrupt vendors. Connecticut Better Business Bureau says wedding insurance is becoming a popular hedge against vendors who may close-up shop and leave couples in the lurch on their wedding day.

According to Travelers Insurance, more than 40 percent of all wedding insurance claims filed during the past two years involve unforeseen problems with vendors and venues, some of which went bankrupt.

The cost of a wedding is considerable, averaging $28,000.

Connecticut Better Business Bureau President, Paulette Scarpetti, says wedding insurance can help soon-to-be newlyweds from taking a major financial hit before they reach the altar.

“There are many product and service vendors involved in wedding planning, including venues, catering, bridal shops, and photographers, any one of which can suddenly close their doors before the exchange of vows.”

Aside from vendor no-shows, comprehensive wedding insurance can also cover a wide variety of other mishaps, including cancellation due to bad weather, health issues involving key participants, military deployment and non-delivery of goods, such as bridal gowns or a wedding cake, photographers and others under contract who do not deliver as promised.

To illustrate the potential for losses, BBB serving Charlotte, South Carolina received a flood of complaints from desperate brides about a bridal shop which had recently closed its doors after deceiving its customers. According to customer complaints, the shop continued to take money from customers but never paid its designers so the dresses never arrived. One jilted bride paid $10,000 for a gown and 13 bridesmaid dresses, but the shop closed-down and kept her money only two weeks before her wedding. The store continued to take orders for new dresses and passed-off floor samples as originals.

Connecticut BBB offers the following advice for those contemplating the purchase of wedding protection insurance:

Shop for the insurance before paying deposits on any wedding-related services.

Comparison shop for insurance policies and pay close attention to the fine print for any limits on claims, as well as the amount of the deductibles. According to the Insurance Information Institute, wedding coverage will typically cost between $125 and $400, depending on the amount of coverage.

Ask vendors if they have their own insurance coverage to protect you if there’s a problem. Payments made by credit card also offer couples the opportunity to contest charges by vendors who do not follow through on their commitments, or if there related problems.

Keep good records and all receipts in the event you have to file a claim with the insurance company.

Always research insurance companies, wedding goods and event service providers by checking Reliability Reports free of charge online at

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