AV Music Morpher Gold 3.0 Digitally Converts Your Cassette Tapes

Nicosa, Cyprus, July 28, 2006 --(PR.com)-- The new version of AV Music Morpher Gold—an excellent music editor from Audio4fun (Avnex Ltd.)—has one more time satisfied online music lovers with freshly-added features better suiting their needs of music editing and mixing, one of which is converting cassette tapes to digital audio files.

Tapes are easily worn out after a short time in use, and the perfect solution to save these unforgettable melodies or information is recording and storing them onto the computer. The task is not as painful as it might seem since AV Music Morpher Gold will weave its magic, enabling you to easily and successfully fulfill the process. First, it is necessary that you have a cable with two 1/8-inch jacks at two ends. Make connection between your computer and cassette player via the Line-in input of the soundcard and the headphone plug. Then, select Line-in as the recording source on your computer. Finally, hit the Record button on Music Morpher, play the cassette tape and begin to capture all sounds from it. Once finishing, you will be absolutely contented to find that the tape has been converted to a digital audio file and safely stored on your computer. For further information about this task, please visit: http://www.musicmorpher.com/free-tutorials-project19.htm.

“Don’t worry if the audio doesn’t sound good,” said Terry Vu, Lab Manager. “The powerful music editor and effect mixer are right at hand for you to improve the sound quality.” AV Music Morpher Gold features a large number of audio effects that can modify the volume, bass amount, noise, ambience, etc. allowing you to make songs smooth and lively in your own way. Also, you may further explore your creative capability by cutting, pasting, editing, mixing and remixing audio segments with the powerful music editor to compose enjoyably stunning works.

“At the moment, we are working hard to improve Music Morpher and building some more tutorials for users to discover new benefits from the program,” revealed Terry. “Some related projects like capturing audio from the TV or LP might be a bit complicated. But we believe that the user-friendliness of our music editor and the detailed guidelines will help users most enjoy the world of melodies.”

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