Peregrine Capital Management Announces Significant Security Enhancements to Its Web Site

London, United Kingdom, April 25, 2009 --( Peregrine Capital Management has announced that it is rolling out significant security enhancements to its web site,, in order to mitigate potential online fraud. In addition, it is offering tips to members and partners to help them protect their clients' privacy and security.

"It seems every day there is another announcement of a company that exposes their clients' information and put the very people they try to help at the mercy of cyber crime gangs. Peregrine Capital Management continually takes steps to make it more difficult for unauthorized parties to access accounts and do harm to our clients," said Lucas McEvers, Head of Foreign Exchange of Peregrine Capital Management.

Tips to Protect Privacy and Security

"We're happy to be pro-active in regards to the ever-present security risks, and we at Peregrine Capital Management are investing heavily to ensure a secure online environment," said Mr. McEvers. "But our efforts to preserve the privacy of our network of suppliers and their clients are only half the battle. Constant improvement and education are the only way to really provide a secure online market place."

Members should consider integrating the following steps into their online routines:

If you access the web site, or other secure sites, from a computer that is different than the one you use regularly, be sure you have completely logged off the site. Just to be safe, you should shut down the browser before leaving the work area.

Do not share your ID and password unless absolutely necessary. If it is necessary, periodically review your account activity with the user to ensure that your information, and your clients' information, is safe and secure.

Change your password every 90 days, whether prompted or not.

Always be sure to have the latest Windows updates, and consider using anti-virus and anti-spyware software if you do not already do so.

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