nikkoSHOPS Announces $5,000 Sitcom Furniture Giveaway, an online retailer of home furniture and d├ęcor products located in Miami, FL is offering $5,000 worth of free Sitcom Furniture as part of the nikkoSHOPS 5K Giveaway contest.

Miami, FL, April 25, 2009 --( Online furniture retailer launches social media campaign to launch new store., an online retailer of home furniture and décor products located in Miami, FL is offering $5,000 worth of free Sitcom Furniture as part of the nikkoSHOPS 5K Giveaway contest.

Part of a larger ad campaign to rebrand their store (formerly known as Prime Furniture Source), nikkoSHOPS launched the contest via social media web sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Delicious and Digg, among others.

The campaign was the brainchild of Nuno Andrade, a cofounder of the company as well as an internet marketing specialist at Sapient Interactive, the #1 independent interactive agency in North America.

"There's a huge opportunity for small businesses like ours to interact with consumers on a more human level," said Andrade. "Because of social media, it's much easier, and more importantly, cheaper, to reach potential customers."
According to Andrade, the goal is to build awareness through word of mouth by motivating contest entrants to tell a friend about the contest through their favorite social network.

"So we are bribing people. Nothing wrong with that," says Andrade, laughing. "Can't expect them to do it for free."

But, Andrade hopes, the more people interact with the brand and the people behind it, the more they will be motivated to communicate their experiences to their friends, without the need for incentives. Given that, according to a 2008 Mintel research study, 35 percent of prospective furniture buyers use "family and friends" as a source of information, that is no trivial undertaking.

"We base our business model on the promise of exceptional customer service," said Andrade. "We hope we will be taken to task on that promise."

Nevertheless, a week after its launch, the campaign has not gone without its hiccups.

Part of the campaign launch involved responding to Twitter users who mentioned their need for furniture and informing them of the contest. Although, according to Andrade, the majority of responses were positive, a few have been less than so.

One such response follows:
EditedName: RT @xyz_SHOPS (Changed): @ EditedName Need furniture? RT this and enter to win $5,000 worth of furniture at .... ** SPAM?? I think so! **
"There's a fine line between reaching out to potential customers with what we believe to be useful information and spam," said Andrade.

"But with responses like that, maybe we'll be a little less aggressive."

For additional information on the contest, or to enter the nikkoSHOPS 5K Giveaway, visit or contact Nuno Andrade.

About Sitcom Furniture
Sitcom Furniture's design process ranges from inventing completely new products, such as their space-saving "computer capsule" and mail organizers - to adapting existing styles for contemporary settings. By distilling a piece down to its essential elements and eliminating decorative frills, Sitcom is able to maintain the essence of a classic style or period, while expanding its compatibility with other furniture and settings.

About nikkoSHOPS
nikkoSHOPS is an online retailer of home furniture and decor products. Previously known as Prime Furniture source, it was founded in 2006 by Jessica Matthews and Nuno Andrade. nikkoSHOPS was built upon a culture of customer service and social responsibility. Learn more about their discounts to charitable organizations.

Nuno Andrade, Director of Marketing
Nikko E-Commerce Solutions, LLC

Nuno Andrade