Provides Free Text Message Reminder Service

Announcing the opening of, which provides totally free text message reminders to its users, who can register an account and queue up reminders in the system.

Kansas City, MO, July 29, 2006 --( provides its users with the ability to schedule text message reminders for any reason to be sent to their cellular phones. It’s a web-based service that allows individuals to register an account with some basic information, then log in to the website, verify their phone, and start scheduling reminders right away. It’s totally free, and was released after its creator forgot a haircut and couldn’t find a service that was simple to use and totally free. In the very near future, users will be able to build a “network” of their peers and coworkers, so they can schedule text messages to be sent to their friends, family and colleagues.

Text messaging, also known as SMS, is a powerful new tool used readily by people all across the world. In Q1 of 2006 alone, over 230 billion text messages were sent worldwide. MemJog taps into this already-mainstream trend and makes remembering that birthday or anniversary just a little easier! If the service is successful, an additional module for businesses will be developed and released, allowing professionals to remind their clients of appointments to cut down on no-shows. A local veterinarian in Kansas City, Missouri, recently discovered that if just 5% fewer people would remember to come into the office for their appointments, the cost of any reminder service under $100 would be easily justified… and MemJog is planning to do just this for free. was founded in June of 2006 by Joe Terry. With the opening of the new site, Mr. Terry said, "I'm proud that this product is available now, not only do I endorse it to my friends and family, but I use the service myself almost every day. I see the future of mobile organization going totally wireless… this service is just the beginning of what we would like to offer to the world. Making the world globally connected and corporations more efficient is MemJog’s goal."

Joe Terry