NEMEA Announces the Release of Two New SaaS Solutions for Compliance and Remediation of Non-Compliant Objectives

Automated Software Identifies Potential Compliance Issues and Supports Audit Readiness Using Enterprise-Wide Survey Management & Remediation Management Tools, Easy to Read Reports On Compliance Posture & Program Objectives and Milestones (POAM) Progress Reporting.

Dulles, VA, April 28, 2009 --( NEMEA, the newest player in enterprise-wide compliance, remediation, risk and governance software solutions, today announced the release of two new products in the Governance Risk and Compliance (GRC) space. ComplianceCenter®, NEMEA’s first breakthrough product is a self-assessment based compliance solution featuring a full suite of tools that determine an enterprise’s compliance posture and provide authority documents specific to the enterprise. Flexibly facilitates enterprise-wide compliance surveys and centrally collects and analyzes results using both standard or custom reports. ComplianceCenter has a feature rich user interface that allows rapid comparison of authority documents (such as laws, standards and regulations) pertinent to their industry and business, and can support the use of both individual requirements from different authority documents and the use of numerous authority documents simultaneously. With ComplianceCenter, businesses can leverage the input from a few people or from hundreds or more people who work directly for the company or that fill indirect third-party roles such as vendor partners. NEMEA’s ComplianceCenter is subscription-based, browser accessible, hosted and supported by NEMEA. It’s always current on regulations, audit support ready and eliminates the siloed approach common of other GRC solutions.

“The introduction of ComplianceCenter stands to change how businesses view compliance, turning a complex and difficult process that is only done annually out of necessity into a business processes that is substantially less expensive and more easily understood. Most organizations will realize a full return on the their investment just by accessing and using our authority documents database, but we’ve added so much more value to the software; it will change the way compliance processes are perceived and executed” says Chief Executive Officer George Collins. “ComplianceCenter’s Self Enrollment feature, a patented viral survey distribution and delivery capability, is as much a paradigm changer for risk management as using a spreadsheet for accounting processes was more than 25 years ago.”

NEMEA Security Services, LLC
Pamela Zacha