Natural Weight's Chubby Hubbys Lose 85 Pounds Their First Week

Phoenix, AZ, April 26, 2009 --( The results are in. It was an incredible first week for The Chubby Hubby’s.

Together, the five contest finalists lost 85 pounds in their first week on the Natural Weight For Optimized Living Program.

Making an incredibly strong start out of the gates was Dave Smith who lost 22.5 pounds, a whopping 7.5% of his total body weight.

“ I couldn’t believe it! I actually asked to get on 5 different scales in the center to convince me that I had actually lost that much!”

Dave wasn’t alone in his success. Jeff Mundel also lost 22.5 pounds, representing 6.2% of his body weight – not bad. David Miller and Felix Cervantes were neck and neck in the Arrowhead Center with a combined weight loss of 28 pounds, while Todd Welfelt lost 12 pounds in his first week.

The winning Finalist will receive $1000, one full year of participation in Natural Weight For Optimized Living's program which is safe and medically supervised, and will be featured in their own radio commercial with Mix 96.9 Chris Parker and Amy Van Dyken.

These five incredible husbands were chosen from over two hundred entrants. The wives of the Chubby Hubbys were asked to submit before photos, as well as testimonials describing why their husbands should be chosen. The photos and letters are posted on Mix FM’s website and the five finalists were chosen by listeners through an Internet vote.

About Natural Weight For Optimized Living
Natural Weight™ For Optimized Living is a comprehensive, medically-based and supervised weight management and wellness program that enables you to become healthier at any weight, as well as providing weight loss and management programs that help people to improve their health and to keep weight off long term. It is an especially good program for the treatment of weight-related metabolic syndrome factors, such as type II diabetes and hypertension. What Natural Weight does is to provide its clients the experiences they need: emotionally (through weekly support and weigh-in sessions), behaviorally (through losing weight quickly and experiencing their old habits go away and new more rewarding ones replacing them), and educationally (through easy learning tools) that then cause their experiences to change. With medical supervision a person can safely lose at least 12-15 pounds per month. These results keep people motivated and on-track towards goal. 

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