New Website Not What One Expects

Puyallup, WA, July 30, 2006 --( A new search engine entitled was launched July 14 by 26 year old owner of Averon Design Gregory Joy. However, despite its name, the site is not affiliated in any way with the adult industry. Instead, one can search for websites, audio, images or news as well as submit a website, buy or sell at the free auction and shop from Amazon.

The undertaking began one month ago, when Joy decided to design a search engine that was more user-friendly than Google. Capitalizing on his ownership of Averon Design, a web design and hosting company, Joy created Now Joy fears people will misconstrue the website’s name and incorrectly dismiss his search engine as just another adult site.

“At first it was going to be an adult site. Then I changed my mind and thought, why not make a search engine,” said Joy. “Why does erotic have to be the adult industry? The way I look at it, it can be anything you want.”

The site is host to many various services. Firstly, there is the standard feature of any online engine—a keyword driven search for websites, audio, images, video or news. However, the website is also linked to the free auction site, as well as, a compilation of videos clips submitted by users. If one wants to shop without leaving the site, it is also directly linked to Amazon.

Other services include a directory to which anyone can link their website at no additional cost. If a user is so inclined, there are also volunteer editor positions available within this directory. There are no fees associated the site unless one wishes to become an advertiser, in which case packages begin at $5.

When asked about the motivation for creating eroticlisting, Joy responded, “I wanted to start something that would make people keep coming back, where they can do anything they really want to.”

Gregory Joy