Outskirts Press Releases the New Book "It’s Trying To Teach" Written by a Teacher Who Still Loves Teaching

Denver, CO, August 01, 2006 --(PR.com)-- In this brief treatise, a former educator recounts her experiences with students, administrators, and colleagues. From a junior high principal who accused her of being a traitor to a Superintendent of schools who castigated a four term president, she relates all her experiences and her frustrations in trying to get and keep a position. In spite of all the “put downs” she still wants to teach.

Ruth Hertzberg has been an educator for thirty five years. Told by her father that teaching was an easy job (HA!), she became an educator after having a family of five children. Her first experience was as a science teacher, where a student grabbed her and tried to kiss her. She went on to teach at a middle school during the years of the Vietnam War and from there moved to high school. By that time she had a Master’s degree in World History and taught for fifteen years in a large city school system. Many of the chapters in this book tell about her experiences in this system.

In twelve chapters, she tells of humorous experiences, of threats made by students, but mostly of mistreatment and lack of understanding on the part of administrators. There were students who fought, students who became very ill in class, and colleagues who showed endless films with little or no explanation or discussion. Through it all, Ruth Hertzberg earned her Doctor of Arts degree, which actually engendered even more hostility and resentment from her colleagues. The strangest reaction was from a student who asked her to look down his throat, thinking she was a medical doctor.

She managed to escape from this prison and taught at several colleges and universities. Her most meaningful experiences were at one large city high school and in China, where, she says, she really learned what it meant to be a teacher. And, after being force to retire, she still wants to teach, only finding work as a substitute, occasionally receiving praise from students. Towards the end of the book, she gives meaningful advice to those who still teach. She is trying to enjoy being “put out to pasture”. 

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Ruth S. Hertzberg 
P.O. Box 3012
Copper Mtn.CO 80443
970 968-2091 ruthheretzberg@msn.com

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