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Heidelberg. In times of pandemia of serious illnesses, Marketing Nastasi launches a new online portal for more wellbeing and health by the power of mind.

Sandhausen, Germany, April 29, 2009 --( The company started with their German version of the idea almost one year ago and they really had a point looking at the success they had. Now one year later they decided to launch the same program in English and the first course will start on May 16th.

What does positive thinking have to do with the pandemia everyone can see in the news ? Everyone knows that those sick people who only think about their illnesses and how much they suffer will only get even sicker and not healthier. That is one basic idea of the course. "We lead people to sticking to their positive thoughts and manifestations. Nobody really wants to have bad things in their life and most of the time they keep forgetting what they wanted to do and to think about," says Julia Nastasi, contact person for the English speaking customers. She and her husband pondered on the question why so many books about the universal law of attraction are being sold and only so few people are successful doing the things. "The human mind is a very lazy thing and once we start changing a thing or a thought, it will immediately start leading the person back to their old behavior," says Julia Nastasi "One has to stick to the change for at least 21 days according to actual studies on brain research and that is exactly what we are doing here." The participants will get a daily lecture where reading and doing the exercise would not take longer than 30 minutes a day plus a daily chat of 30 minutes for 30 days. These things make it easy for the participants to stick to their changes. There are also two other parts for the users: A bulletin board for time-independent exchange among users and an e-mail form for very private questions with guaranteed answer within 24 hours on weekdays, weekends can lead to

"We are sure that many people will use the course for manifesting health since times have become so unsecure concerning this topic. We only need to watch the news: Pandemia and crisis all around the world. It is the right time for a course like this in English," says Julia Nastasi

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Marketing Nastasi operates an online mental coaching portal, which started in May 2008 in Germany with great success. Its basic idea is to help people by means of modern techniques to reach their aims within 30 days. The German model started different additional courses with topics like love, money, health and desired weight, which are also very popular. In German, there are also external coaches like Heidi Wellmann (job coaching) and Christian Reiland (Law of attraction online course).

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