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Inflation’s increasing. Interest rates are rising. Real estate markets are cooling. So is now a good time to refinance your home and consolidate all of your monthly bills into one single payment?

River Edge, NJ, July 30, 2006 --( With each increase in interest rates due to surging inflation, homeowners’ pockets with an adjustable rate mortgage and several credit cards are severely affected. Let’s face it, we live in a world where worrying about living paycheck to paycheck, not saving, getting behind in debt or simply not knowing whether you’ll lose your current job and not being able to provide for your family plaque homeowners all over the country.

Between rising interest rates, student loans, multiple credit cards, and car loans, American homeowners are paying just as much for these loans as their current mortgage each month! With that being said, it’s no wonder why American homeowners today are saving less and spending more. Without the capabilities to accumulate a personal savings, homeowners are purely relying on their 401K plans, employer pensions, and social security for their future retirement plans. The truth of the matter is, in order to obtain financial stability and security for the future, a personal savings alongside these other long term employer retirement plans is crucial.

Unfortunately certain times in the future may call for “emergency” funds. Whether these times are due to steep medical expenses, an educational expense, an addition on a home or funds for “active leisure” on that family getaway, without accessibility to a personal savings the utilization of multiple credit cards with various amounts of high interest rates becomes prevalent. This utilization appears to be the proper resolution to the “emergency” fund but it actuality it initiates a vicious, perpetual, financial cycle. This cycle not only devastates homeowners financially it is extremely challenging to sever.

Refinancing is your tool to cease or prevent this vicious, financial cycle. Refinancing your mortgage is beneficial for several reasons. The first and most critical reason is that refinancing can enable you to receive a significantly lower interest rate on your current mortgage. Also it could enable you to consolidate all of your debts and loans into one lower loan note. Once these two steps are complete, your only concern each month would be to meet your one loan note with a lower interest rate than previously. Ultimately, by eliminating the multiple amounts of interest rates on the various loans and debts, a surprisingly amount of money would be salvaged each month. This extra amount of money that becomes available would allow you the flexibility to manage a financial budget and construct a personal savings for financial stability and security.

GetMeLowerRates .com is a financial institution designed with attentive and efficient financial advisors who will personally assist you conquer these daily financial challenges. By refinancing your mortgage with you’ll receive a lower monthly payment with the lowest possible rate that you’d qualify for. When refinancing is complete, you’d not only lower and consolidate your monthly payments each month by about half, you’ll be able to manage all of the extra money that will become available.

So whether it’s a retirement savings, a college savings or some other defining long term financial goal, refinancing with will boost your savings each month and give you financial flexibility and security for tomorrow.
Liberate yourself of all the financial stress and contact and have your personal advisor consult with you. Together the two of you will review, evaluate and tackle the burden of multiple monthly payments. No loan will be processed unless you are completely content and satisfied. If you are looking for financial freedom and to secure your future visit

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