How to Use Voice Changer Software with PC to Phone Dialer

Nicosa, Cyprus, July 31, 2006 --( – Audio4fun Tutorial Center has received many questions from its members asking how to use Voice Changer Software with PC to Phone dialers. The tutorial at focuses on resolving this matter.

Most questions went to Net2Phone, Ring-voiz, SkypeOut, etc. Chris Redfield, who is responsible for Tutorial Center, said that, “It’s as easy as pie to use Voice Changer Software with any media program. The quality of changed voices stays the same even you make a local or international phone call.”

The instructions are described as “Open and Use” so that new users can understand it easily. First, open Voice Changer Software and choose a suitable nickvoice. If a man seeks for female voice, he just needs to click on For Male Input Voice. Otherwise, choose For Female Input Voice.

Second, users adjust the settings and choose their output voices as they wish by moving along the Voice Pitch and Voice Timbre rectangle. Users can listen to their changed voices in real time to pick a suitable voice for phone calls.

Third, open the web-based dialer, enter the correct PIN account, enter correct telephone number and hit the green button (the symbol of dialing) to make a voice call right at your PC.

There are many preset nickvoices for users to choose. Users can also set up new nickvoice of their own for later use. “The brilliance of Voice Changer Software is the output quality, which made my changed voice sound natural,” said a customer.

Voice Changer Software will be upgraded to version 5.0 soon, with the ability to measure voice quality and compare voice. Mixing voice with a celebrity voice or any preset voice is also an improvement in this new release, which is scheduled to be in August 2006.

Users who purchased Voice Changer Software Diamond 4.0 will be announced to get free a Full Version of Voice Changer Software Diamond 5.0 as soon as it is released.

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