Legally Blind, Musical Artist JP Corwyn Chooses a 501(c) 3 Music Company Over the Traditional Industry Route

Releases single “I Will Wait” for Distribution on Empty Vessel Music

Atlanta, GA, May 02, 2009 --( He may be “legally blind” but he is not blind to the needs of others. Rock artist JP Corwyn joined Empty Vessel Music (, the first For Impact 501(c) 3 music company, with the idea the partnership would not only bring advocacy to the non-profit’s initiative but will give his music a greater purpose. “An organization like this makes us better than ourselves - keeping a sharp focus on the good we can do with what we've been given, rather then the good we can be given, for what we can do.” said Corwyn.

Empty Vessel Music (EV) runs a program for inner city youth called Music Matters. It provides free music education, appreciation and intervention to underserved urban areas. When asked if this means he’s not a rock star diva JP commented, “Everyone wants to sell records. Everyone wants to be "that band" or "that guy" or "girl" on the radio, or on stage, or both. EV takes that drive, that sometimes physical need for your voice, or your songs to get out there, and uses it to further good, positive works.”

His single “I will wait” is the latest release from EV Music. The video is set to be shot in Washington DC in June and will contain a topical format revolving around the six degrees of separation and our interdependence on each other in difficult circumstances. Concerning distribution, “Each time the song is downloaded or the CD is purchased 70% helps the kids get free music lessons and mentorship.” Said Gerry Van Mansfeld, Empty Vessel Music’s Executive Director.

Empty Vessel Music, located in Atlanta, GA has a goal to encourage, enable and equip others so to transform lives using music as the tool.

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