Unimed-Midwest Introduces the Head Wrap with Ice Packs

Ideal for reducing pain and swelling after dental procedures, the Head Wrap includes two reusable Ice Packs (one for each cheek). This comfortable, neoprene-free wrap is reusable and washable.

Lakeville, MN, May 02, 2009 --(PR.com)-- Root canals are not fun. Neither is trying to hold an ice pack on the face after surgery while driving home or performing other tasks. The Head Wrap with Ice Packs provides an easy solution: it is easy to put on, allows the hands to be free, and keeps cold consistently where it’s needed.

Also ideal for promoting recovery from facial surgery or soft tissue damage to the face, the Head Wrap with Ice Packs secures at the top of the head with a customizable Velcro closure. A semi-circular notch in the center edge of the wrap provides a comfortable fit around the throat. Hand washable, the Head Wrap is available in black only, to minimize the appearance of stains and dirt. The Head Wrap comes in two sizes, and is made in the U.S.A.

Two reusable ice packs are included with the Head Wrap, each one fitting into a soft, thin fabric pocket on either side of the wrap, to cover both cheeks. Each ice pack is made of gel encased in thick, durable vinyl. Additional ice packs are also available for purchase.

Made of a revolutionary new fabric called Body Control, the Head Wrap features open cell construction which maximizes breathability for comfort and wearability. Unlike neoprene products, which trap heat and moisture next to the skin, the Head Wrap wicks moisture and heat away from the skin. The high breathability of the Head Wrap also contributes to keeping it in place. When the skin becomes hot and sweaty, neoprene wraps slip and don’t provide any benefit. The fabric has high stretch and recovery, and is also latex-free and adhesive-free.

Unimed-Midwest, Inc.
Susan Rehl