New Online Business Program for Public Relations Profession

Online production house Reputation TV and the Public Relations Institute of Australia have launched ‘PRTV,’ a monthly online TV program about issues in the PR profession.

Sydney, Australia, May 02, 2009 --( Commencing May 1st, 2009, ten practitioners from PR agencies, corporations, not-for-profit organisations and academia discuss issues ranging from the economy, online communication, corporate governance, ethics and more.

Reputation TV Executive Producer Steve Cropper, who hosts PRTV, said it is about time PR had a TV program of this type. “PR practitioners habitually advise colleagues and clients to employ all relevant channels to build communities and support strategic communication goals. This online TV program is the sort of activity that many PR advisers are already recommending to their clients. So it is only right that the profession should have a program of this kind of its own.”

The program is hosted on the Public Relations Institute of Australia’s website PRIA National President Tracy Jones said PRTV is offers a new way to connect with PR professionals. “This is a cost-effective way for us to connect with our members and others with an interest in the PR profession. It’s an example of how strategic thinking can save money in reaching your audience.”

Each eight-to-ten minute program looks into a single issue, beginning in May with “The Digital Reality”. The first edition of PRTV considers the challenges and opportunities of online engagement and digital communication. The rest of the program is a compilation of on-camera quotes by the ‘experts’, providing the viewer with a fast-moving and compact digest of thinking in the profession on this issue.

Each edition of PRTV ends with the presenter inviting input from viewers.

PRTV is updated online on the first of every month on, coinciding with the release of the PRIA monthly newsletter on the same topic.

For more information contact:
Steve Cropper on 0411 486 914 or
Lloyd Grosse on (02) 9331- 3346 or

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