As Companies Strive to Manage Data Explosion, Indusa’s ArchivePlus Offers Data Archiving Solutions to Stem Unprecedented Data Growth

Indusa Technical Corp. releases ArchivePlus V1.0. ArchivePlus is a Database Archiving Solution for large enterprise database.

Oakbrook Terrace, IL, May 03, 2009 --( Indusa Technical Corp. and its offshore development centre based in India have recently come up with a comprehensive data archive and purge solution for large enterprise databases. The database archiving solution named ArchivePlus, helps companies to retain much of their historical and rare referential data in an archived form. ArchivePlus ver.1.0 also enables efficient database management by archiving selected data, moving it to a different location, retaining the ability of quick restore and eliminating unnecessary data duplication.

“Database archiving is the pivotal foundation for Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) and ArchivePlus v1.0 solves multiple issues related to enterprise databases,” says Govind Gupta, CEO, Indusa Infotech Services Pvt. Ltd. “ArchivePlus helps in managing live production databases, maintaining compliance related to data retention policies and preservation of database data as required.”

According to Gartner Research, data explosion is major concern for large companies to deal with. It has been estimated by Forrester that, on average, data repositories for large applications grow by 50% annually. About 125% data growth is estimated on an annual basis, by Gartner research. Estimates also point out that on an average, about 85% of data stored in databases is inactive and non-current data. Some Gartner analysts believe that since the current information explosion is fast outpacing reduction in storage prices, enterprises should eliminate redundant data and streamline their processes effectively.

The most recent Gartner report also says that database archiving can significantly lower primary storage costs by transferring older data to relatively cheaper storage. Performance improvement and cost reduction is tremendous even for databases with size less than 200 GB. “It is true that data needs to be archived efficiently to cut on costs and improve upon database performance, but what is critical is its real-time access when needed,” adds Gupta. “ArchivePlus ensures that the data won’t break, maintains referential integrity throughout, and stores the archived files in XML format which in itself is non-erasable. What’s more, it also fulfills data retention compliance requirements and government regulatory procedures related to data retention.”

ArchivePlus ver1.0 is an excellent solution for customers with applications running on Oracle or SQL Server databases that experience difficulties associated with unmanaged data growth, increased cost of ownership, performance degradation and increased downtime. It helps companies to meet uptime requirements thereby accelerating application performance and improving stability.

Companies who have benefited from Indusa’s ArchivePlus Beta version include a manufacturing company running Oracle database on its JDEdwards Enterprise One system, and some healthcare and research companies.

About Indusa Technical Corp:
Indusa Technical Corp. is a CMM Level 4 certified Software Solutions and Consulting Company, focused on providing cutting edge technology solutions to clients worldwide. It has extensive experience in developing and managing large IT applications in real time to enterprises worldwide. Founded in 1989, Indusa is headquartered in Illinois US, with operations in Tennessee, Texas, New Jersey and India (Ahmedabad) and has a client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, mid size companies as well as start-ups.

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