Off-the-Shelf NFC Test & Certification

Raisonance ContactLAB and SOLIATIS SCRIPTIS test software pre-certify NFC contactless front end in mobile handsets

Montbonnot, France, May 03, 2009 --( Raisonance and SOLIATIS, have announced the first complete solution for validation of Near Field Communication (NFC) components in mobile handsets, at the WIMA Global NFC Business & Technical Developers Summit. As NFC use gains momentum, component and solution providers can already rely on the Raisonance and SOLIATIS tools for testing of the analog, protocol, timing and application layers of their NFC implementations. SOLIATIS' SCRIPTIS test framework, Raisonance's ContactLAB with UICC-SWP emulation and ProxiLAB configurable contactless reader, provide complete testing at all levels of a mobile handset's Contactless Front end (CLF) to ensure component interoperability, integrity and security.

SOLIATIS SCRIPTIS software with test suite for NFC
SOLIATIS provides a complete test environment based on SCRIPTIS Framework. Its components: SCRIPTIS Editor and SCRIPTIS Manager associated with a test suite dedicated to NFC testing have been designed with the objective of facilitating test script interpretation and test campaign execution. The HCI-SHDLC test suite enables compliancy verification of HCI (Host Controller Interface) and SHDLC (Simplified High Level Data Link Control) layers of an NFC component, called the CLF within ETSI. It contains nominal cases as well as incorrect parameter cases and covers all the HCI (Low-level HCI Transport, Link Management Gate, Administration Gate, etc.) and SHDLC (ACT Frames, Link Establishment, Data Flow, etc.) features.

In addition, SOLIATIS provides test suites enabling analog and digital testing of an NFC device in card mode or in reader mode. These test suites based on the ISO 10373 standard combine with the HCI-SHDLC test suite to enable complete validation of an NFC device.

Raisonance ContactLAB and ProxiLAB precision laboratory tools
Raisonance test hardware provides the precision, configurability and integration to ensure complete validation of the CLF. Key features include fully configurable laboratory reader functionality, UICC-Single Wire Protocol (SWP) emulation, embedded SHDLC and a high level of integration for synchronization of NFC/SWP calls and responses. The integration of Raisonance ContactLAB and ProxiLAB allows precise synchronization when stimulating the CLF’s wireless interface and the contact interface with the handset’s secure component, or UICC. Both ContactLAB and ProxiLAB can be configured to control event timing and all digital and analog parameters.

ContactLAB also integrates UICC-SWP emulation allowing testing of the SWP interface of the CLF as if from the UICC of a mobile handset. ContactLAB embeds the SHDLC, allowing test of this layer while respecting its precise timing requirements. Developed in close relationship with industry partners, ContactLAB to takes into account the needs of all tool users from integrators and application developers to engineers of low-level systems.

In addition to SWP emulation, ContactLAB is an all-in-one tool that provides complete visibility and testing of the CLF implementation in the mobile handset with:

SWP and ISO 7816 “Spy” for capture and analysis of signals to and from the UICC

SWP configurable reader for test of the UICC SWP interface from the role of the CLF

ISO 7816 configurable reader for test of the UICC ISO 7816 interface from the role of a handset’s application processor

ContactLAB and ProxiLAB are both available from Raisonance. ContactLAB is a modular product that allows users to buy the functionality that they require while maintaining a rapid, easy, software-only upgrade path for adding all current and future functionalities that are offered for the tool. For more information about ordering, pricing and lead times, contact Raisonance.

SOLIATIS is an innovative company created in 2002 which ensures management of projects implementing Smart Card technology from pre-study up to delivery of finalized projects and/or products. SOLIATIS provides training and consulting as well as software development. SOLIATIS also designs test tools dedicated to cards and readers in contact and contactless technologies, with references that include many key actors in the Smart Card industry including chip manufacturers, card and reader providers.

In 2008, SOLIATIS created a new activity, SOLIATIS LAB, which provides a complete set of test and certification services including debug sessions and conformity reporting. This independent laboratory is currently establishing an ISO 17025 Quality System covering the organisational processes and technical competencies to ensure quality, traceability and reproducibility of test results.

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About Raisonance
Raisonance is a leading manufacturer and supplier of development and validation tools, serving customers that include leading component manufacturers and professional engineers around the world since 1988. With extensive technical expertise in both hardware and software design, Raisonance offers innovative, high quality, cost effective tools for smart card system validation and microcontroller application development. Working with industry leaders, certification laboratories and standards organizations, Raisonance has developed its “Proxi” and “Contact” lines of protocol analyzers and configurable laboratory readers for interoperability testing and certification of contactless and contact smart card systems used in banking, transportation, identity and mobile communications.

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Steve Gussenhoven
+33 4 76 61 02 35