Cheshire Records Releases Hiphop Album Online Through Creative Commons

Cheshire Records, founded by producer Jonah Dempcy, has released an album by hiphop The Insider. The album, titled "All's Fair in Love of Wax," was released online in its entirety on April 14th and has been making its way around the web. It is available to download for free from Jamendo.

Seattle, WA, May 04, 2009 --( The full length instrumental hiphop album "All's Fair in Love of Wax" by The Insider was released by Cheshire Records in April 2009 in its entirety under a Creative Commons license. It hit the web on April 14th and is available for download through such Creative-Commons-associated sites as Jamendo.

The Insider is a recording project spearheaded by Seattle-based producer Jonah Dempcy, of such groups as Revolution Void and UltraCat. The project focuses on instrumental hiphop along the lines of DJ Premier and DJ Cam.

"I wanted to have an outlet for all these hiphop beats I kept making, tracks mostly composed of samples" Jonah says. "My other projects shy away from being sample-based both for legal and aesthetic reasons. But for The Insider, I thought I should just go for it, copyrights be damned!"

On the name, Jonah says, "I have always felt like an outsider to the various music styles I have produced, so I can totally relate to the title of DJ Shadow's hiphop release The Outsider. But, I wanted to change that. I don't want to feel alienated by the various music scenes, and I think the alienation isn't real, it's self-inflicted. So I thought to myself, 'I'm an insider in my own scene.'"

Jonah continues, "And at the same time, the idea of the insider as an industry person, using their connections to make things happen with all the shadowy power that image evokes, intrigued me. So, to reclaim this notion and perhaps use both its shadowy connotations, and its positive connotations of being an insider in your own scene, really sums up what the title means to me."

Jonah commented on the title of the release by noting that it takes its title from the famous proverb "All's fair in love or war," inspired by John Lyly's Euphues (1578).

"The twist is that the title refers instead to a love of vinyl records," Jonah says. "All's fair in love of wax, to me, has the not-so-subtle implication that sampling is not a sin."

The album can be downloaded as MP3 or Ogg Vorbis format sounds from the website Jamendo.

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