Sensei Chris Feldt Participates in Big DM Radio Program About Bullying

Sensei Chris Feldt, the owner and chief instructor for Samurai Karate Studio, recently appeared on the Big DM Radio Show hosted by Cynthia Hardy called On Point. This program was a direct response to a young boy, age 11, who recently committed suicide in Massachusetts, after being repeatedly bullied for months.

Columbia, SC, May 31, 2009 --( Sensei Chris Feldt, owner and chief instructor for Samurai Karate Studio, was recently invited to appear on the Big DM radio program (101.3 FM). The Sunday night program, called On Point, is hosted by Cynthia Hardy.

Mr. Feldt was a guest of the show, along with three other panel members that included Susan Schneider, Director, Public Relations and Advocacy for Girl Scouts of South Carolina, Monika Carey-Green, executive Director of DIVA, whose mission is to encourage, enlighten, embrace and empower girls and young women of the Midlands, and Officer Ron Felder, of the Columbia Police Department.

The reason for this special program was the recent incident of a young boy who committed suicide because of being bullied. The boy's name was Joseph Walker-Hoover, who was 11 years old and attended the New Leadership Charter School in Massachusetts.

The statistics on bullying are alarming.

Experts estimate that 1 in 4 children will be bullied by the time they reach high school. "I believe the percentage of children being bullied is much higher," suggested Feldt. "Every time I do a bully workshop in one of the local schools and I ask the children to raise their hand if they have been bullied, I usually get 60%-70% of the kids raising their hands."

During the radio broadcast, many topics were covered including why kids bully, what can be done about it and advice for children and parents.

Feldt commented, "Children are struggling with this issue because the parents are telling the kids to defend themselves, because they don't want to see their child repeatedly picked on or even hurt. However, in order for the schools to insure a safe environment, they have a zero tolerance policy for fighting. We've got to teach the kids how to deal with bullies in a non violent way and to teach them to seek help from adult, such as a parent, a teacher, a school resource officer or someone from the school's administration."

Feldt talked about the importance of body language and how that can be the best way for kids to deal with bullying. Walking tall, shoulders back and head up conveys a strong, or confident body language. "Bullies like to pick on kids who they perceive as being weak," commented Feldt, "but if you look confident, most bullies won't pick on you because they don't want anyone that is going to put up a fight."

If you would like to learn more about anti bully tactics, please call Sensei Feldt at 803-462-9425. You may also visit his anti bully blog at

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