Online Pay Day Loans Rock the UK with Loan Arrangers

UK residents are flocking in droves to snap up an online pay day loan, the latest instant cash loan. The summer heat is bringing out the spenders and thousands of customers need tiding over until pay day. Loan Arrangers - the instant cash advance pay day loans people - are coming to the rescue.

Online Pay Day Loans Rock the UK with Loan Arrangers
St Peter Port Guernsey, United Kingdom, August 02, 2006 --( It’s not just the temperature that’s rising this summer; loan experts, Interfinancial Limited, report a rocketing response to their new Pay Day Loans website,

Whilst UK residents have been able to cash cheques for years in corner shops and specialist cheque cashing agencies for years, the discerning customer has wanted something quicker and more discreet. Cue Loan Arrangers and a beautifully simple online service.

"In the bad old days of cheque cashing, everyone knew your business," says Abbi Rouse, press liaison officer for Interfinancial Limited. "Our clients like the fact that they can discreetly tap into our website and get a cash advance the same day."

"We needed to pay the phone bill before it was cut off," says Angela*, a typical Loan Arrangers client. "My husband wasn’t getting paid for another week. It would’ve cost a bomb to get reconnected, so we needed the cash right away."

By taking a debit card number and an assurance that regular wages were coming into Angela’s account, Loan Arrangers were able to make an instant cash advance of the £150 Angela needed into her bank the same day.

And Angela’s not the only one benefiting from Loan Arranger’s new Cash Advance Loans. In the first month of business over 2000 clients applied for a pay day loan on the site.

"It’s about time that this service was offered to UK customers," says Abbi. "US residents have been taking advantage of online cash advances for a good few years. Not everyone has access to cheque-cashing facilities and to be honest, who wants to stand in line in one of those shops where everyone can see you?"

So, if you’re finding yourself in need of a fast cash injection and pay day is a long way off, why not visit for yourself and see what all the fuss is about?

For more details, contact Abbi Rouse at Interfinancial Limited on 01481 701350 or visit for an instant cash transfer today.

*All client details are kept anonymous for security purposes.

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