Self Published Author Gives Practical Tips on Preventing Spread of Viral Diseases

Health Lifelong Project is a self-published book that presents preventive and natural measures in warding off diseases and viral sicknesses like the swine flu.

Bloomington, IN, May 06, 2009 --( With most of the world getting wary of the swine flu outbreak, one can just wonder if it is only a matter of time before they too can be infected by the H1N1 strain of the swine influenza virus.

Recent reports have indicated that locations as remote as China, Mexico, Colombia and New Zealand have either had confirmed cases of the swine flu or are already affected by the looming threat of the virus. In the United States, cases of H1N1 flu virus outbreaks have been reported in the state of Wisconsin, while the state of Minnesota is awaiting for confirmation of suspected cases.

This is not the first time an influenza scare has taken a grip of global awareness. A few years back, the world faced the threat posed by the avian influenza virus or the H5N1 flu strain. In much the same way, the swine flu has put people in a state of awareness and fear of catching the virus. However, the same preventive measures used against the avian flu can be used in preventing the spread of H1N1 virus.

Aside from the obvious use of vaccines against the swine flu virus, health experts have recommended practical methods such as the washing of hands with soap and water in preventing the spread of the virus.

In the book ‘Health Lifelong Project: With Healthy Recipes, Beauty Secrets, and More’, author Marina Marcetic presents several preventative measures that solves health problems with natural cures. She shares her knowledge of natural products and cures that were collected from her education and experiences around the world.

Marcetic suggests that “eating right and using alternatives, such as natural cures, does not have to be expensive or complicated. Whether we realize it or not, most of us have kitchen stocked with food. All we have to do is prepare and eat them properly to protect ourselves from illnesses and give our body more energy and a healthy glow.”

Although the H1N1 strain vaccine is still in development, boosting the human immune system through natural and alternative methods can help fight the swine flu virus or any other diseases that may threaten the human body.

The book author adds that, “vitamin supplements are certainly useful. However, in this book I will show you a simple, healthful, time-tested ways to protect yourselves from diseases and nourish your body to stay fit and beautiful.”

Health Lifelong Project is a self-published book, which Marcetic hopes will enable the readers to discover some alternatives, natural practices, and ideas to enrich their own life and overall health. Whether preparing preventive measures against the swine flu or just simply boosting one’s health, this book is a practical guide in finding inexpensive and natural ways to ward off viruses and diseases.

Health Lifelong Project is published by Xlibris.

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