Impressionistic Photographs Get the Spotlight in the World of Modern Roman Art

Diane Epstein’s unique style of photography is being debuted this October, 2009, at Rome’s newest luxury hotel, and at a solo exhibition at the American Embassy in Rome.

Rome, Italy, May 08, 2009 --( Rome Luxury Suites has chosen Epstein Photography to decorate the walls of their newest hotel, Babuino 181, which opens in autumn 2009. Architect, Fabrizio Magnaghi is placing the work of Diane Epstein in the lobby, hallways, and twelve suites within frames over five feet tall. In addition to several sepia and color photographs, the hotel will also exhibit Epstein’s impressionistic pieces, which are created using a unique technique of layering multiple photographs, including ancient sites and crumbling walls to create a painterly, fresco-like image.

Her subjects include the monuments, statues, fountains, and secret corners of Rome, many of which are located just a short walk from Babuino 181, betweem Piazza del Popolo and Piazza di Spagna. This fall, in addition to the inauguration of this permanent display, Epstein’s photography will be exhibited at a solo show at the American Embassy in Rome, which will open in October, 2009.

About Epstein Photography

Diane Epstein is a photographer who specializes in impressionistic and travel photography in Italy and elsewhere in Europe. Her work has been exhibited in Rome at the Belgian Ambassador’s Residence, the American Academy, John Cabot University and Al Vicario 31 next to the Parliament, and in Umbria at the museum, Il Chiostro Boccarini. Epstein recently did a photo shoot for the Venice Biennale and has numerous corporate and private clients who display her work in venues throughout the world.

Born in New York, Epstein moved to California at an early age. Her parents surrounded their home with a collection of modern art including original works by Renoir, Vlaminck and Rodin, which formed the eye. Epstein spent her adolescent years living in London and traveling throughout Europe. She then went on to work for her family business, collecting and photographing art and antiques throughout Europe and Asia. Epstein attended graduate school at John F. Kennedy University in northern California where she received her Master of Arts degree in counseling, after which she began her private practice. Epstein continued her creative journey when she moved to Rome in 1995 with her husband and two sons and became a prominent photographer. She uses her in-depth experience as a therapist and creative coach, leading individuals on photographic and creative journeys in Rome and throughout Italy, assisting them to discover their own artistic vision.

Epstein Photography
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