Devart Releases dbForge Studio for MySQL v 3.50 with State-of-the-Art Database Designer

dbForge Studio for MySQL is the Latest software to deliver a combination of proven schema and data comparison and synchronization tools, an extra-visual database design tool, and many more to dramatically improve MySQL database management and development.

Budapest, Hungary, May 08, 2009 --( Devart, a provider of database development and management tools, has announced today the release of dbForge Studio for MySQL v 3.50, a cutting-edge administration tool and development environment for professional working with MySQL databases.

With dbForge Studio for MySQL v 3.50, Devart answers the growing demand of database developers, DBAs, and other concerned people to have more powerful and sophisticated tool to do non-trivial MySQL database tasks, while providing more visibility and insight into each completed task.

New features and benefits:

· Best visual online database design tool for MySQL
The new version includes Database Designer – a comprehensive tool for effective visual building of a database structure and getting a complete and clear picture representing all the tables, foreign key relations between them, views, and stored routines of the required database.

· Speedy and comprehensive data comparison and synchronization
dbForge Studio for MySQL 3.50 now caters for the diversity of data comparison tasks even better, providing a vast range of custom mapping options: mapping of tables, columns, and views with different names, mapping of columns with different types, or mapping a table with a view. Ability to cancel custom mapping and return to the automatic is available.

In addition, mapping process has become simpler and clearer due to detailed information about each mapped column and warnings, in case of any incompatibility.

· Safe and well-controlled schema comparison and synchronization
The new representation of comparison results dramatically reduces analysis time and results management phase prior synchronization.

· Optimized approaches in reducing performance time
The new version provides a special Execute Script Wizard to enable quick and convenient execution of large SQL scripts without waiting for their opening in the editor.

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About dbForge Studio for MySQL
dbForge Studio for MySQL is a cutting-edge administration tool and development environment for professional working with MySQL databases. Extended features provide an easier way to quickly explore databases, manage schema objects, setup user accounts and privileges, develop stored routines, create offline projects synchronizing them with a live database, build visually create complex SQL queries, export data with additional settings, format SQL scripts, etc.

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Julia Samarska