Hotel News: Euro Comfort Hotel Group Expands in Middle East to Confront GulfStar, Grows REVPAR. A New Hotel Simulation for Hotel Management Training and Hotel Investors.

A crisis looms in the hospitality industry as budgets tighten, business expenses and travel is constrained, and world economies continue to freeze. The hospitality and tourism industry needs capable, informed and intelligent management. This new Business Strategy Simulation from Tycoon Systems is designed for inclusion in hotel management, operations and hotel investment training programs for executives and students.

Wilmington, DE, May 08, 2009 --( The global hospitality industry - vibrant, dynamic, and full of opportunities.

But how to take advantage of those opportunities, and protect yourself from the downside risks ? And as a hotel investor or operator, which direction should you take ? What is the best strategy to grow your business ? As the world economic crisis deepens, how do you protect what you have now, and survive to come out the other side ready for new growth ?

Well, there is now a simulated business world where you test your business plans - without destroying your corporation if things go wrong.

Hotel Masters is a web-based business simulation - used in training and development programs for hotel executives, business students and hotel investors all over the world. Individual use is also available - the simulation is accessible 24/7, through any internet connection.

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You take over as investor-manager of a dynamic hotel group, and compete against four other major players - virtual intelligent competitors. You have to quickly make decisions about where to invest, which hotel categories to invest in, how to promote and price your hotel offers, and create a sustainable business strategy to build your wealth. Your virtual competitors in this dynamically interactive marketplace are : US Resorts Corp, Euro Comfort Group, Gulf Star and Global Inns.

Use your business skill to build your own global hotel empire - a portfolio of properties around the world, in different hotel categories from De Luxe 5-star to Budget City Center - and compete for market share and profitability in this dynamic business training experience

US Resorts is clearly focused on the US market and seeks to dominate all US market segments. They are committed to meet highest service standards and outstanding quality levels while constantly innovating new services. US Resorts is therefore seen by investors as having slightly brighter prospects than other players in this market.

Euro Comfort Group has a more traditional approach to business – it places high value on its guest relationships, and prides itself on its long pedigree in the European markets. Their training programs are renowned in the industry, with many young apprentices and graduates being promoted through the firm to senior management levels over an extended period. A company spokesman recently pointed to market research which showed that ECG have the highest Loyalty Index in the business, amongst regular, repeat guests.

Gulf Star is a dominant player in the Middle East area (Dubai, Abu Dhabi etc). Recently their home markets have suffered from slowing growth in room demand. Analysts said GSTAR might seek investment opportunities in the Wellness segment – luxury spa resorts, a sector which has been growing strongly in recent years. The possibility to expand their current hotel business depends heavily on the overall trend in world economies, and how investors view their new expansion plans

Global Inns has made substantial investments in Business Hotels all over the world. They set industry standards for outstanding Service and Quality. Some market observers have noted their limited success in establishing a universal training program, as this appears to be affecting their overall performance. This weakness has been linked to their wide spread of investments, and cultural differences in their different operational centers

All competitors react to market opportunities according to their own well established corporate strategies – they have said they see opportunities for growth in their existing as well as entering into new markets.

Hotel Masters - a new business simulation for training and educational use. It creates a simulated business world where executives, students and individuals can test out their ideas and business plans in the global hotel industry, develop business strategies that build profits, and grow a sustainable hotel empire. To be successful, they will have to manage many aspects carefully - capital investment, marketing, pricing, training and development, build room occupancy, manage average daily room rates and grow REVPAR, amongst others.

Hotel Masters - the Hotel Business Simulation

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Hotel Masters- a hotel industry business simulation

Hotel Masters- a hotel industry business simulation

A dynamic hotel business simualtion used for training hotel general management, hotel investors and business school students. Highlights management control data such as REVPAR, occupancy, ROI, GOPPAR, and marketing strategies