Metal Wall Tiles Introduces a New Line of Designer Metal Tiles

Metal Wall Tiles-dot-Net ( offers attractive interior design solutions including metal backsplashes, murals, and other metal wall tile designs.

Harrison Township, MI, May 09, 2009 --( Metal Wall Tiles-dot-Net ( announces that it offers an attractive solution to the question: "What do I put on my walls?" The solution you may well be looking for is that of metal wall tiles.

Metal wall tiles are striking as well as robust. You can buy them in an array of different colors, styles, and molds. This is the kind of versatility that leading interior designers are always looking for, too.

However, not all metal wall tiles are created equal. Their differences go beyond that between the elements and alloys that you can research. The fact of the matter is that there are "posers" that sell so-called ?metal? tiles which are actually plastic with metal sprayed on them, or composite items which are really nothing more than plating. Some of these "metal" tiles are actually made out of pewter (a soft metal amalgamation) and then plated with copper, bronze, or some other highly desirable metal. But true copper tile is heavier than any of these composites, and needless to say any other metal will feel denser than the plastic substitute.

Now, if these are options that you are looking for, that is your choice. After all, they do give you affordable solutions if money is tight. But if you are looking for the real deal, you should check out the 100% authentic metal tiles of Metal Wall Tiles-dot-Net.

Installation of metal tiles is similar to ceramic tile. However, with ceramic tiles, cracking occurs on a regular basis, complicating the installation process by requiring broken tiles to be removed from their mounting and replaced--adding cost and taking up more time. Metal tiles, on the other hand, are far less brittle than ceramic tiles--they crack less often, making them easier to install than ceramic tiling. Furthermore, metal tiles can be cut with a liquid cooled ceramic tile saw (some types of metal should be cut with a band saw, though). So for all intents and purposes, if you can install ceramic tiles, you can install metal tiles.

Cleaning metal wall tiles is also easy. Since they're so durable, they hold up well when taking most household cleansers. Anything that contains acid, especially acid-based agents, should be avoided--but that's easy enough as most household cleansers don't contain acid. Acids will remove the natural patina and expose a dulled original metal surface. However, polishing your metal tiles quickly after an exposure to acid will restore their luster. If there is significant darkening, you can use a copper or brass cleanser, and follow that up with a waxing to maintain the restored brightness.

Owner Ray Blake says, "The goal of Metal Wall Tiles-dot-Net is to provide high quality Metal Wall tiles, Kitchen Backsplash tile, Metal Backsplash tiles, and Murals at the best price. I love it when customers call and say how beautiful my tiles made their home living space or office space."

Metal wall tiles have it all: beauty...durability...distinction...ease of installation...and ease of cleaning. If you want the best wall decor for your home or office, why not check out the experts at Metal Wall Tiles-dot-Net?

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