Offshore Software Testing Services Saves 75% Development Costs; Indusa Offers Lucrative Benefits

Various researches and studies have revealed that offshoring is not only cost-effective option but helps various US-based companies to concentrate on their core services. India is still cited to be a viable destination for Software Testing Services.

Oakbrook Terrace, IL, May 10, 2009 --( A study conducted by AMR Research, Boston, MA, revealed that outsourcing software testing services to offshore development centers saves companies up to 75% in in-house costs. The study further revealed that the services provided in countries like India rank well qualitatively, and offshoring has become less risky with time as these countries are upping their performance levels. The study says that software testing is a crucial process as the cost of finding and fixing defects is reported to be eating nearly 50% of the total development cost for all software development projects.

“It has been observed in various software companies in this downturn that the first axe mostly felled on the IT budget affects testing systems, thus making it difficult for many IT organizations to test an application internally,” says Nandita Nityanandam, Business Development Manager, Indusa Technical Corp., a software testing firm based in US and India. “Faced with intense competition from rivals and tight profit margins, many organizations are required to cut on their IT budgets and bring about reduction in the costs of testing.”

In a Compuware-Forrester survey which was conducted with IT professionals from UK and US, it was found out that testing efforts should be continually co-ordinated with development process. Hence the report said that while outsourcing services to different offshore centers, the expertise and cultural bind and compatibility should be considered well. Another study underlined the importance of the testing process saying that it acan reduce 80% of unplanned downtime.

Nandita adds, “Software testing process is a vital part of SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle). A Gartner report once stated that most of the software defects found in production cost four times more compared to when fixing those defects during system testing, and and about 200 times more if the defects were identified during the definition of requirements.”

Indusa Technical Corp. provides a comprehensive blending of offsite-onsite software testing services, which includes independent testing and quality assurance services. The company has a versatile and experienced software testing team which performs all types of test processes like Unit Testing, Integration testing, Functional testing, Regression testing, Performance testing, etc. The software development and testing team at Indusa bring in strong domain expertise, blending project management and test strategizing skills to ensure efficient testing of applications. The company also minimizes hardware utilization and maximizes flexibility along with optimized resource utilization by efficient implementation of Virtualization.

About Indusa Technical Corp.
Indusa Technical Corp. is a CMM Level 4 certified software solutions and consulting company, focused on providing cutting edge technology solutions to clients worldwide. It has extensive experience in developing and managing large IT applications in real time to enterprises worldwide. Founded in 1989, Indusa is headquartered in Illinois, US, with operations in Texas, UK and India (Ahmedabad) and has a client base that includes Fortune 500 companies, mid-size companies as well as start-ups.

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