Kirtas Technologies Teams with RapidRedact to Offer Redaction Technology as Part of Its Software Suite

Digitization isn't just business when it includes personal information, which is why Kirtas now offers redaction software for private information.

Victor, NY, May 14, 2009 --( Today more than ever, the ability to ensure the privacy of personal information in documents is paramount in records management.

That's why Kirtas Technologies has partnered with New Zealand-based Onstream Systems to offer 'RapidRedact' redaction software, the latest technology available to assist customers in compliance efforts when it comes to digitizing legal, financial, healthcare, and other sensitive records and documents.

RapidRedact redaction software is a fast, effective method of irreversibly removing selected information from all electronic document types. RapidRedact redaction software enables you to completely remove any confidential information from documents, author's changes and any hidden code or data that can exist "behind" the document. The content is no longer part of the document, rendering snooping and hacking software useless, and the original text can no longer be revealed.

"The creation of digital documents provides organizations with numerous benefits with one of the most significant being increased access to information," notes Kirtas President and Founder Lotfi Belkhir. "It also means the added responsibility of safeguarding that information. RapidRedact redaction software allows our customers to add that level of security efficiently and cost-effectively."

RapidRedact Sales & Marketing Manager, David Webb states: "Once information is available in a digital format and accessible by anyone, the necessity to safeguard that information becomes paramount. We're very pleased to be working with Kirtas and to have an additional outlet to reach those struggling with this issue."

About Kirtas Technologies:
Kirtas Technologies has pioneered and perfected the technology used today in quality, high-speed, nondestructive mass book digitization. A proven workflow ensuring superior image quality, advanced search capabilities, unique archiving technology, and extensive metadata enabling multiple output options that stand the test of time are what set us apart and keep Kirtas at the forefront of the digital revolution. Learn more at

About RapidRedact:
RapidRedact redaction products are a suite of redaction tools, developed to irreversibly remove selected information from all electronic document types. For more information go to

About Onstream Systems Limited:
Onstream Systems is a specialist document imaging solutions company, established in 1993. Onstream's primary product brands are 'RapidRedact' and 'Trapeze', addressing the needs of redaction and imaging customers respectively. Onstream is headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand and supports customers worldwide through its network of business partners. For more information go to

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