This New MMA Brand is Sick

Sick Gear™…. for the "stand alone" extreme athlete.

Chicago, IL, May 15, 2009 --( Sick Gear Inc. a new brand of clothing and accessories for both Mixed Martial Artist practitioners and fans alike is unveiling their new website and on-line store, which can be found at

"Although today Sick Gear™ focuses on the Mixed Martial Arts, Sick Gear was created specifically with the stand alone, extreme athlete in mind" says founder Jim Glasgow who himself is a long time martial artist and extreme athlete. "While I was training for fights, I competed in triathlons, running and cycling to compliment my training. I actually have martial arts to thank for exposing me to these other great sports.

All individual athletes have a focused mindset that emphasizes pushing their outer limits. Those core values are embraced by Sick Gear™ says Glasgow.

Be it Mixed Martial Arts, Rock climbing, Snow boarding, or BMX Racing. They involve a little bit of danger and a whole lot of self driven discipline which is different from traditional team oriented sports. Exposure and cross training with other sports benefits all athletic endeavors...not just martial arts" says Glasgow.

He adds…“In addition to providing quality products for demanding athletes, Sick Gear™ wants to help participants and fans “cross pollinate” into other sports and with other athletes. For example….Rock Climbing is a great training routine for Judo or Jiu Jitsu that requires strong grips and core strength. I want to bring these athletes knowledge and experience together....they already have the right attitude!”

“Sick Gear’s unique logo was inspired from the fearless fighting spirit of the 17th century samurai warrior. It is combined with the energy, movement, lack of boundaries, and dedication found in today’s 21st century athlete. The logo is a perfect representation of Spirit, Energy, and Dedication…it says it all.”

More about Sick Gear Inc.
Sick Gear™ is a Chicago based company that will donate a percentage of profits to support under privileged fitness and education programs, primarily in inner city areas. A cause Glasgow has supported by volunteering his free time in the Chicago community during the past 12 years. Glasgow commented… “When we can help one kid develop a new passion…..something that keeps them off the street and away from a video game…it is well worth it.”

Sick Gear Inc.
Jim Glasgow