Advanced Biotechnologies, Inc. (ABI) Adds UV-Inactivated Purified Whole Virus Product to Aid in Research of Human Influenza

ABI adds (H2N2) Purified Whole Virus, UV-Inactivated for use in H2N2 subtype-specific protein-based testing. Catalog # 10-126-000

Columbia, MD, June 01, 2009 --( Human Influenza A/2/Japan/305/57 (H2N2) Purified Whole Virus, UV-Inactivated was completely inactivated by ultraviolet light irradiation. The inactivation was validated by cell culture based assay and had no effect on the hemagglutinin titer by hemagglutination assay (HA) and retained viral morphology by TEM. The inactivated, purified human influenza A virus will be useful for any H2N2 subtype-specific protein-based testing.
Catalog # 10-276-000

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